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I'm A Total Lululemon Stan, But TBH, These Amazon Leggings Are Amazing

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Picture this: it’s a Friday and you just hit the mall to scope out Lululemon’s newest color restock. You’ve got Auntie Anne’s in hand (for the nostalgia of it all) and you go to checkout when disaster strikes. You can only afford 2 pieces without completely going over budget. And, while I’m the biggest proponent of girl math sadly, the math ain’t mathing for this one. So you leave with a less than fulfilling haul. Enter: these unexpectedly amazing Amazon finds. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love to gift myself a pair or two of Align leggings every year, but that doesn’t mean I can afford a new pair every season (maybe one day *crosses fingers*). But, when I finally got my hands on the viral Amazon pieces that everyone told me I “had to try!” I sighed in relief knowing I could have it all. And by having it all I mean, treat myself to both a new workout set and a daily sweet treat. Here are all the Amazon pieces I tried and I loved just as much as Lululemon.

Not only are these leggings buttery soft but you can’t see through the ass every time you bend over

One thing I adore about Lululemon’s apparel is that I feel confident doing a squat or two in a public gym setting. So, when I found the Amazon version (for a fraction of the price) I knew I needed to test to ensure the same could be said. Low and behold, they’ve got that seamless feel, come in like 5 million colors, and pass the opacity test. Did I mention there are pockets? 

THE GYM PEOPLE Thick High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets

The perfect workout tank top doesn’t exis…

Okay, so I honestly never thought I would stray from the Align Tank at lulu but this Amazon tank from The Gym People is giving the support and comfort that a golden retriever puppy exudes. As with any built-in bra, I wouldn’t say that these are for super high-impact exercise but if we’re talking about yoga, cycling, or even as a cute layering piece this top is QUEEN. It’s both cost-efficient and stylish and we love a girl who can do both.

THE GYM PEOPLE Womens' Longline Sports Bra

Finally, a sweatshirt for Princess Diana weather without paying for it on a Royal’s salary

Not all zip ups are created alike and TBH, I’ve always ALWAYS reached for my Lululemon Scuba half zip. But, in a world where trends are going from fitted to oversized in 2.5 seconds, my wallet is about to get whiplash. I have my trusty Lulu sweatshirt but this Amazon version is almost identical and actually feels, dare I say, expensive. Not to mention, it’s got the stylish oversized vibe to it that we’re all reaching for this fall. 

Trendy Queen Womens Oversized Half Zip Pullover

Iconic joggers that wear just as well for yoga as they do a Gilmore Girls marathon

I’d like to think that we all got one silver lining during the pandemic, and it’s this: it’s okay to wear athleisure outside of the gym. I personally lean on lulu for a lot more than just athletic wear so when I saw these cozy joggers on Amazon I knew I needed to try. They’re super soft and stretchy and have just the right amount of bagginess without feeling sloppy. Bonus Points: they’re available in sizes up to 3XL.

Leggings Depot Women's ActiveFlex Slim-fit Jogger Pants

If you’re feeling extra ~basic~ and want to complete the uniform, this bag comes in clutch

Dog moms, human moms, and basic betches alike wear this crossbody bag proudly…and for good reason. Have you ever worn one? Once you get it I swear you’ll never want to go back. Sure, you don’t actually wear it as a fanny pack, but across your body which makes it 100% hands free. Also, it’s legit the perfect size and has internal compartments for all the necessities for your iced coffee run or hot girl walk.

ODODOS Unisex Mini Belt Bag with Adjustable Strap
 $16.98 (was $23.98)

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