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Everything We Know About ‘Love Is Blind’ Queen Amber “AD” Desiree

Have you already embarked on your Love is Blind season 6 binge-watching session? Is the cast of red flag-y characters sending you into a spiral yet? This Valentine’s Day, we’re dealing with love, heartbreak, textbook gaslighting, mostly trash men, and some very iconic women. Among the latter group is Miss Amber “AD” Desiree, one of the stars of this season. She comes across all shy and sweet at first, but underneath her soft exterior, there’s clearly some bad bitch energy. 

Over the course of her extremely up-and-down dating journey on the show, AD has to deal with a few *interesting* men, and she handles them like a wildly mature pro. (I shan’t spoil anything for those of you who watch at a human pace.) What does she do when she’s not dating men on the opposite sides of walls, you ask? It turns out, she’s super booked and busy in her outside life. Here’s everything we know about AD including her age, her job, her Instagram, and what she values most in a relationship. 

Amber Desiree’s Age And Job

AD is a 33-year-old real estate broker living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Looking to buy a home? She’s your girl. You can apparently schedule a 15-Minute First-Time Home Buyer Consultation at the link in her Instagram bio. “With my knowledge of the local market and access to exclusive listings, I’ll help you find a home that meets your needs without breaking the bank,” she boasted in an October 2023 post. I mean, I trust her. Of course, she also happens to be a former New England Patriots cheerleader. (That’s football, I think.) 

Amber Desiree’s Instagram


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You can find her on Instagram at @amberdesiree, where she’s somewhat of a budding lifestyle, fitness, and fashion influencer. (Same.) AD has shared a few sneak peek shots from her time on Love is Blind, and she also posts casual selfies from her day-to-day life and glamorous photos from evenings out on the town. She seems to be particularly fond of the hot gym video/inspirational caption pairing… kinda embodies the cheerleader vibe. 

What Amber Desiree Wants In A Relationship

Basically, AD went into the season looking for a man written by a woman. “I don’t really give the nice guy a try, but I really want something real,” she says in the trailer. Ah, famous last words. She craves a “soul connection” and a guy who’s “empathetic, smart, masculine, and just an overall good person.” I hope her man has a lot of energy because she also wants him to join her morning gym sesh four times a week. For some of us, that’s a literally insane ask. Fortunately, AD is unwilling to sacrifice her “integrity” for a man. Does she stick to this entirely valid checklist? You’ll just have to keep streaming, I suppose…

Ilana Frost
Ilana Frost
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