Lisa Vanderpump's Restaurant With Tom Sandoval & Tom Schwartz Is Happening

Last season of Vanderpump Rules, somewhere in between Katie telling Tom Schwartz his dick didn’t work and them making the worst decision of their lives actually getting married, queen Lisa popped her own question: would the two Toms be interested in opening a restaurant with her? Tbh, I was v disappointed in my namesake. Like, own a business with dumb and dumber? You’re smarter than this. But of course, Schwartz practically evaporated into thin air at the thought of having any responsibility whatsoever and Sandoval kinda cared at first and then was like “meh” so we all assumed this idea of a fourth Vanderpump venture was dead and the world and Lisa would be better off because of it. But jk everyone. Because now TMZ and RadarOnline aka two pinnacles of reliable journalism have reported that the restaurant is in fact a go and it’ll be opening in time for the premiere of VPR. Come on, Lisa.

I Was Rooting For You

Luckily for all parties involved, and like, the entire dining scene of West Hollywood, sources say Lisa is currently doing more of the “owning” part and will see if the Toms can get their shit together enough to actually help manage, versus just kinda helping sometimes. I’m going to go out on a real limb here and say they will not be getting their shit together and Lisa will continue to be the main owner/manager. I mean, Schwartz did have a legit mental breakdown after bartending for a few minutes one time, so that’s probs a bad sign. No idea what kinda of food it will serve but if I had to guess, I’d think Pump-tinis and goat cheese balls will def be on the menu. The main win here is that this is yet another storyline for Vanderpump Rules’ upcoming season, so like, shit’s bout to be lit af.