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King Charles' Right-Hand Man Is So Hot He Was Removed From "The Public Eye"

Real talk: the equerry to King Charles III is hot AF. Otherwise known as Lieutenant Colonel Johnny Thompson, but from now on out I will refer to him as Charles’ hot sidekick because I’m honestly unsure what an equerry actually does. Does it have something to do with horses? The world may never know. All that matters is King Charles’ right-hand man is leaving the spotlight before we had a chance to truly thirst over him.

The decision was made after Thompson went viral from a clip of the soldier entering the gates of Buckingham Palace following the death of Queen Elizabeth. The TikTok has been viewed almost nine million times!!!! With many admitting in the comments that they googled, “Man in green kilt walking behind queen’s coffin” to find the video. (Lol RIP.)

So What Does That Mean For Lieutenant Colonel Johnny Thompson?

A palace source told The Times that the 40-year-old, “remains senior equerry to the King and the Queen, in a more executive and less public-facing role.” Do you know how insane it is to have an institution like the Royal Palace decide that you are too hot for the public eye? Someone call up the producers of The Crown because this is the man worth ruining your life for (cough, cough Margaret).

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Is Lieutenant Colonel Johnny Dating Anyone? (Lol)

We love a man that can pull off a kilt, but before you also lose your underwear, the Daily Mail has reported that Thompson is married. And to make matters worse, The Times also shared that the dedicated soldier is “understood not to have enjoyed the public attention he received after attending several high-profile events with the King.” Ugh, doesn’t he know how how it is to be a man who doesn’t crave attention?! What is he trying to do to us?

Well, all we can do is hope that he’s been repositioned to manage the royal stables because that’s where an equerry belongs. Right? Am I getting that right? Oh, forget it.

Melanie Whyte
Melanie Whyte
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