Kylie Jenner Threw A Baby Shower, And It Wasn't What We Were Expecting

Grab onto your hats, because I’m about to blow your mind: Kylie Jenner reportedly threw a baby shower over the weekend. So I guess this pregnancy thing is really happening. I’m sorry, but you’ll need to excuse me so I can take a moment to mourn Travis Scott’s career. Sure, I know it’s possible to have a baby and still make music (*looks admiringly to Chance for inspiration*), but Kanye tried having a baby with a Kardashian, and he ended up going off the deep end and meeting with Donald Trump, so I’m not going to get my hopes up for Trav here. 

Anyway, E! News is reporting that one day after Kim’s extra af baby shower, Kylie threw one of her own. They’re reporting that Kylie invited about 30 people to her backyard on Sunday morning for a pajama themed brunch. So now I’ve got to ask: Was this a baby shower or simply a gathering of hungover minds? Because that sounds a lot like what my friends and I do after a night of drinking to rehash the events from the previous evening.

E! News‘ source revealed, “It was a huge production with hundreds of pink roses that looked like a wedding. There were pink rose petals scattered around the pool and the posts to the tent were all wrapped in pink roses. There was also a big wall of pink flowers and a little stage.” Sooo Kylie is probably having a girl? Or perhaps I’m just a shitty close-minded person who confirms to traditional gender norms. Either way.

E! is also reporting that each guest was given silk pajamas and slippers, and there was an omelet and waffle bar. There was also a craft table and guests played “quiz games,” whatever those are. So basically Kylie had the same bridal shower as every girl in your Southern sorority. Cool.

I’ve got to say, this is a lot more understated of a shower than I’d expect from Kylie. The Kylie Jenner I know (yes, we are close personal friends) would have had like, an all-diamond baby shower complete with a custom Lamborghini in either blue or pink, depending on the baby’s gender, and like, special performances by 21 Savage and Tupac’s ghost. Actually, 21 Savage is dating Amber Rose, who is Kanye’s ex, so that probably wouldn’t happen, but you know what I mean. I would expect Kylie’s baby shower to be extra af, and this sounds…. low-key? Well, as low-key as the Kardashians can get, anyway. Perhaps motherhood looks good on Kylie? Maybe it’s making her more chill? One can only hope.