Kylie Jenner & Her BFF Got Lasik Together Then Threw A Party

If there’s one thing we know about the Kardashians, besides the fact that they can turn anything into money, it’s that they always find a reason to throw a party. This week, Kylie and her BFF Stassie Karanikolaou (can’t she just be Stassie K?) got matching Lasik eye surgery, which is apparently a thing now, and decided to celebrate by wearing really weird latex dresses decorated with eyeballs. I’m all for finding reasons to party, but I’m still kind of confused. I have matching friendship necklaces with my BFF, and other more hardcore BFFs I know have matching tattoos they already regret. But matching Lasik eye surgery? I don’t get it. Well, whatever, I guess there are things billionaire BFFs understand that we regulars don’t. Maybe if Kylie had the surgery a year ago, she would’ve seen Jordyn Woods’ betrayal coming. Oh, that’s not how Lasik works? Never mind.

Obviously, Stassie documented the whole surgery, so that the world knows she has officially taken Jordyn’s place as Kylie’s number one BFF and will never give it back. She posted a pointless video of her and Kylie sitting in the chairs of the operating room right after surgery where Kylie’s eyes are closed. Aww, poor Kylie is trying to rise and shine, but is just too exhausted. You knew that was coming. If I don’t make a joke about Kylie trying to rise and shine, who will? Oh right, the entire rest of the internet.

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At the follow-up doctor’s appointment, the girls learn that they have 20/15 vision (better than 20/20), which I didn’t know was a thing, but good for them. Maybe now they can see the wonky lines when they’re Facetuning their photos. Hopefully they don’t experience any of the negative Lasik side effects, which can include burning and even temporary blindness. How will Kylie be able to tell apart her lip kit shades if she loses her vision??

Anyway, the BFFs threw a party to celebrate the birth of their newly-perfect eyesight (yes you read that correctly). They took videos of themselves in the bathroom mirror wearing tight pink latex dresses, which I still can’t get over.

Does nobody else think it’s ridiculous to get matching eye surgery and then throw a party for their sight’s birthday?  You can even hear Kylie in the background yelling, “My sight has been born; it’s my f*cking birthday.” Wait, so if the eyebrow hair I plucked last week grows back, has it been born, too? Does that mean I can throw a party? Ugh, the amount of money these girls have to waste is literally my dream. I don’t know for sure, but my theory is that Kylie and Stassie get other secret surgeries together all the time (like boob jobs and lipo and belly button reconstruction) and just decided to share this one because they can get away with calling it “medical” rather than solely cosmetic.

Apparently, friends who do Lasik eye surgery together, stay together! Unless Stassie fucks it up like Jordyn did. In which case, a different BFF will swoop in and Kylie will have to figure out another way to mark their friendship. Matching beach houses in the Hamptons, maybe? Matching puppies? Matching toenails? Whatever it is, you can bet your bottom dollar Kylie will throw a party for it.

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