Kylie Jenner Has Officially Moved On To A New, Not Sh*tty Rapper

Remember last week, when we were talking about how it looked like Kylie Jenner might finally be done dealing with Tyga? Looks like we were right, because she’s officially moved on. We thought she might just take some time to be alone with her makeup products, but it appears she’s found a new man faster than you can say “lip kit.” The lucky(?) man is Travis Scott, another rapper who’s basically an updated version of Tyga.

Things have been moving quickly for the new couple, aka they’ve flying all over the country like they’re scouting locations for the next KUWTK spinoff. Kylie’s been seen out and about several times with Travis in the past few weeks, including after his performance at Coachella, court side at an NBA game in Houston, and at his birthday party in New York. Apparently they’re starting to get serious about each other, which makes sense because Kylie is 19 so she clearly needs to settle down ASAP.

So what do we know about Travis? His real name is Jacques, which sounds like some fancy French shit but he’s actually from Texas. He dropped out of college to pursue his music career, which we wouldn’t normally like but apparently it worked out okay for him so whatever. He also has a pretty impressive set of abs and designed his own line for Helmut Lang, which is actually super legit. There’s also the bonus that he doesn’t have a kid with Rob’s baby mama, but it’s the little things. All in all, it’s basically impossible to more of a sleazy peace of shit than Tyga, so we give him our blessing.

Mrs. George

So will Travis be around for the long haul? Or will he share the fate of Kylie’s teal wig: featured in a few confusing Snapchats then discarded? Only time can tell, but Travis has always said Kanye West is an inspiration to him, so the rest of the Kardashian-Jenners should like him just fine. Kylie’s relationship with Tyga was always…how do we say this? A shit show. Let’s hope this one goes better, because it really can’t go worse.