Kylie's Next Pop-Up Shop Is In New York City #Bless

East Coast betches, ready your credit cards. Kylie Jenner’s next pop-up shop will be in NYC and I, for one, am stoked because I’m still reeling from the FOMO of missing the first one.

The teenager/winner of Miss Narcissism 2016 (runners up: Mariah Carey and sister Kim K) announced the location of her next pop-up shop on Snapchat, because of course she did. The first one opened in Los Angeles’s Westfield Topanga back in December, and people predictably lost their shit over the chance to stand in a real, physical line for a bajillion hours instead of trying to order lip kits online like a sane person. Either way, the outcome is the same: literally everything is sold out, please try again later.

So basically, see you at the NYC pop-up shop. I’ll be the one being forcibly escorted out for poking someone in the eye over the last Mary Jo K lip kit.