Sorry Ladies, Jon Snow Is Officially Off The Market

Calling all Jon Snow fans: Kit Harrington is officially off the market. Because, you know, we all stood a fighting chance at that.

Everyone’s favorite brooding (non-) bastard is engaged to former co-star, Rose Leslie. Game of Thrones fans know Rose as playing Kit’s onscreen star-crossed lover, Ygritte the Wildling.

For you losers who aren’t fans, she’s the one who coined the infamous “You know nothing, Jon Snow,” line. It’s not that surprising tbh, everyone knows you have to lock down the guy who goes down on you in a steamy cave. It’s like, the rules of feminism.

Jon Snow

Kit and Rose have been not-so-secretly dating for a while now, but anyone with eyes and a basic understanding of the English language could tell they were legit. Kit was very open about the fact that he fell in love…in Iceland…with a co-star. This is, in fact, not a case for the FBI.

Jon Snow

Congratulations to Kit and Rose, you two are quite literally too cute for words. Here’s hoping your kids have a wild mess of red curls and will never actually watch the scene of you two having bomb sex on the show where you fell in love.

Kit and Rose