Kim K Is Trying To Get A New Person Out Of Jail

Kim K, social media change influencer is back to handing out her get out jail free cards. Kimye has been very close with this administration and involved in social politics. While Kanye has spent the past year wearing MAGA hats and making questionable statements, Kim has been using her internet breaking butt super powers for good. You may remember earlier this summer when Alice Marie Johnson, a first-time drug offender, had her sentence commuted by Trump after Kim took up her cause. Now Kim is bringing some much needed attention to the case of Chris Young.

Who TF is Chris Young?

Chris (not Kris) Young was sentenced to a life in prison on charges of cocaine and marijuana possession back in 2010. He was one of 32 people charged in a drug conspiracy case in 2010, and only played a minor role, but because of a “three strike” rule in Tennessee, Chris was sentenced to a mandatory life sentence. The judge in the case even thinks the sentence was overblown, saying “If there was any way I could have not given him life in prison I would have done it. What they did was wrong, they deserved some time in prison, but not life.”

WTF Does Kim Want?

Basically, Kim wants to recreate her success with the Johnson case and get Young’s sentence commuted. The stories of Alice and Chris are just two of hundreds that have been slighted by the three-strike law and similar laws, where minor drug charges are escalated into to huge prison sentences that not only take away their lives, but also cost the American tax payer thousands. Klearly (see what i did there?) Kim K is just dipping her toes into this issue, and can’t go to the White House and personally advocate for everyone affected by these policies. I mean, she could try, but that would make for a pretty weird season of KUWTK.[/embed]

So What Is Kim *Actually* Doing?

Move over Olivia Pope, Kim is the new lobbyist with the best jackets in DC. Kim went to the White House on Wednesday and attended a “listening session,” (whatever that means) on prison reform. Ivanka and Jared were just two of the attendees, many of which are out spoken on the need for change around incarceration and clemency. Clemency – btw – refers to a pardon, reprieve or a commutation of a criminal sentence, granted by the president or by the governor of a state. In general, Trump has been handing out pardons semi-randomly, mostly for personal acquaintances or people who have celebs take up their cases. The White House is now looking into putting together a clearer review process and road towards clemency so that other cases can be heard as well. This goes along with the FIRST STEP Act that supports criminal – or should we say “kriminal” – justice reform. The bill has passed the House and is backed by Trump, but some difference of opinions are currently holding it up in the Senate.

Honestly, if Kim K wants to use her platform on this issue, no shade. Honestly, maybe we could get Kris in on this too? If anybody knows how to get sh*t done, it’s her.

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