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POV: You’re Keke Palmer's Ex-BF Text-Spiraling While Watching Her Usher Music Video

If you ever doubted Keke “sorry to this man” Palmer would get the last laugh, then, baby, you haven’t been paying attention. Let me catch you up. You may recall last month, Keke’s now ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson publicly ranted about “morals,” “standards,” and the roles of mothers in reaction to Keke having a fun vamp-y moment at Usher’s Vegas Residency.  

Instead of this man, I don’t know, focusing on getting a job, he publicly shamed the mother of his child and threw her to the trolls of the internet, free to be criticized by other men without jobs, AKA “podcasters.” In response, Keke is deliciously getting her revenge in the most mic-drop of ways: She and none other than Usher himself released a winky music video for his new single. 

Reports are saying the two have now “parted ways” likely because someone had the same emotional bandwidth as their newborn son. But before he packed his bags and moved back into the Planet Fitness he crawled out of, here is what we can only imagine Keke’s texts from Darius looked like while he watched the “Boyfriend” video for the first time…   

August 16, 10:06 AM

Darius: Not you uploading the vid without even telling me. WOW. Hitting play now

Darius: Okay the bathrobe is a doing a little bit too much for me

Darius: “Just look for me wherever he sees YOU?!” Keke… nah we’re not playing that

Darius: Who wrote these lyrics though? I’m su👏ing 👏👏

Darius: Who’s boxers are those?! 


Darius: If you can see C section scars you are doing too damn much!!!

10:07 AM

Darius: Now why does he have no damn shirt on, ya’ll are both disrespectful…smh

Darius: And see this is why I don’t want you hanging out with Tiffany and Lisa, got you out here with no clothes on. Y’all are not TLC!!!

Darius: And PS I am NOT a scrub!!!

Darius: I am the father of your child!!!

Darius: Now why are you singing in this music video??? Who cleared this?!

Darius: The only thing you should be singing is your baby to SLEEP, MOTHER. 

Darius: Oh so now you’re dressing like him?! 

10:08 AM

Darius: You know what just go ahead and pack it up and move to Vegas at this point you wanna be with him so bad.

Darius: I really can’t believe you’re falling for this nonsense….

Darius: When I’m cuter!!!!

Darius: Usher could be our son’s GRANDFATHER, m’am!!! He old af

Darius: I was dancing to Yeah at the 8th grade dance smh

Darius: And now we’re back in the bed smh, ridiculous

Darius: Cover it up!!!

10:09 AM

Darius: I know you did not just…

Darius: Not the winking!!!!

Darius: Please tell me how I am wrong… u ARE a mother! 

Darius: Hehehe-ing….smh…ha-ha hell! 

Darius: Calling you rn so pick up!!!

*Texts go from blue to green*

Eva Morreale
Eva Morreale
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