Katy Perry Surrendered To Taylor Swift

Being a pop star is basically like Game of Thrones only with less incest and murder (we hope), and this weekend Taylor Swift claimed another victim in her relentless pursuit of the iron throne. Taylor’s feud with Katy Perry (that began over John Mayer some stolen backup dancers) has been simmering for years, but now Katy wants to put it all behind them. Someone had to break first, and it’s not surprising that Katy is more of a nicegirl than Taylor.

Things in the feud reached a new level last week, when Taylor released her entire catalog on Spotify on the same day Katy’s new album came out. This was honestly a low blow even for Taylor, who isn’t exactly known for taking the high road. Their feud has often taken place over social media, or even in diss tracks, but trying to sabotage someone else’s album sales is kind of next level. Whatever, Taylor clearly doesn’t have a soul.

Blank Space

But with the heat turned up, Katy needed to get out of the kitchen. In an interview with Arianna Huffington (rich HuffPost lady), Katy said she’s “ready to let it go,” and that she apologizes for anything she’s done to Taylor since the whole thing started in 2014. She went on about how there are more important things happening in the world, and even said that Taylor is a “fantastic songwriter.” We’re not sure we’d go that far, but it’s not our fight to fight.

Katy of course had to do something extra, so she followed this statement by singing a little bit of “Let It Go” from Frozen, just in case the message wasn’t clear already. Speaking of extra, Katy also shared a video of her getting an hour-long therapy session, in which she cries a lot and explains why she cut her hair. It’s interesting enough, but also like what are you doing putting your therapy on YouTube?

So will Taylor the ice queen give a shit about Katy’s white flag? TBD, but she hasn’t made any public comment yet. She probably has to look into her evil magic mirror and make sure she’s still the fairest one of all before she makes any decisions, so don’t hold your breath. Taylor knows she has the upper hand right now, so she can make Katy sit around waiting for an apology as long as she wants. Kind of like in middle school when your friend broke your favorite pink gel pen and bought you a new one because she was so sorry but you still waited until the last minute to invite her to your birthday party so she knew not to mess with you again. Actually, it’s exactly like that. Taylor Swift is just an overgrown middle school girl with a six figure bank account. Why have I never realized it before?

Oh Shit

In the meantime, you can listen to Taylor’s whole catalog on Spotify, or just don’t because a snake will always be a snake. #TeamKimye, in case you forgot the shenanigans of last summer. Go listen to Kanye instead, or go outside or something.