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Who Is Joe Alwyn Dating? An Update On If He Has A Girlfriend After Taylor Swift

It’s been about a year since Taylor Swift and her “London Boy” Joe Alwyn broke up. They dated for six quiet years out of the limelight and a lot of their relationship seemed to be a mystery. We all know that Taylor moved on with Travis Kelce and they have become America’s golden couple, but what is Joe up to since the split? Personally, I would be in a pretty bad place if my ex embarked on what would become the most successful concert tour of all time right after we broke up, but hey, that’s just me! Below I break down who Joe Alwyn is dating, if he has a girlfriend, and WTF he’s doing now. 

Who is Joe Alwyn Dating?

It seems like Joe has been in his single era coming off of his and Taylor’s breakup. In September 2023, he was linked to his 24-year-old The Brutalist costar Emma Laird. Emma posted a carousel of photos around the time of filming including a solo photo of Joe which sparked speculation. In true Joe fashion, he never confirmed or denied a relationship. Besides that, Joe has either been on the mend or been able to keep his dating life very secretive since his high-profile relationship ended. No fun for us girls who want the tea, the mysterious brooding jig is getting old. 

Why did Joe and Taylor Break Up? 

Sources close to the pair hinted that it was more of Taylor’s decision to end their long-term relationship. After dating for six years, it just seemed to be heading nowhere. They were very different, she’s outgoing and he’s more introverted (just say you can’t handle a girl boss, Joe). They both kept it classy after the split and there didn’t seem to be any bad blood, but fans speculated that she shaded him several times during her Eras Tour and her new album The Tortured Poet’s Department is certainly inspired by their time together. (Or Matty Healy, you be the judge.) 

Joe Alwyn’s Dating History 

Let’s be real, no one knew who this guy was before Taylor. Our girl quite literally put him on the map. Before the pair started dating in 2016, Joe Alwyn had not been romantically linked to anyone else. Come on, Tay, shouldn’t this have been a red flag? We get it, Joe, you like to lead a private life (boring). Now we get why you and Taylor broke up, that girl is meant to shine. All things aside, Joe seems to have a pretty bleak dating history besides Taylor. So seriously, dude, I hope you find love with someone else, and hopefully that person will fulfill all of your introverted fantasies… but in my experience, most girls don’t want to be hidden. 

Jolie Zenna
Jolie Zenna
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