Our Favorite Reality TV Couple Are Having Another Baby

Is it legal to name a baby “Shiplap”? We might find out as Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV Fixer Upper fame announced they’re expecting their fifth kid via Instagram on Tuesday.

The couple broke everyone’s heart last year when they told the world they weren’t going to continue their show. They said it was so they could spend more time with their family. Now we know they probably wanted to spend more time expanding their family. *Bow chicka wah wah*

They couple already has four kids, two boys and two girls. But they’re growing their Waco empire every day (literally), so I guess adding another Gaines to the mix fits into that plan of slowly taking over the Texas town.

Sure, we’re kinda PO’d that we won’t get to see more garbage homes become farmhouse chic Air B&Bs, but I guess we’re happy for Chip and Jo.