JWoww Is Launching A Subscription Box For Trashy New Moms

Subscription boxes like Birchbox and Ipsy are a fun way to try some new products that you might not buy for yourself, but some are a better investment than others. There are lots of different boxes out there, but there’s a new one hitting the market that might be just what you’re looking for. We’ll describe it in one word: J-Woww.

That’s right, one of our two favorite ladies from Jersey Shore (ily Snooki) is launching her own subscription box through her lifestyle website Miss Domesticated, and it’s designed specifically for sexy moms who want to look/act like they still have no responsibilities. That’s right, JWoww is a lifestyle blogger. 2017 is wild, man.

The Miss Domesticated box is launching soon, and it’ll come every other month for $49.99 each. The price seems kind of steep considering JWoww’s whole image is about looking cheap, but the girl’s got a family to support.

JWoww posted a video on her Instagram going through some of the contents of the first box, and it certainly looks like an interesting assortment. Here’s what you can expect when you drop a cool $50 on the first month:

1. A tank top that says “roll me in fairy dust and call me a unicorn.” Um, what? Is that a good thing? This isn’t off to a promising start.

2. Some gross-looking leggings that say “THIK AF” all around the waistband. We’re still not used to the idea that being called “thick” is a good thing, but these leggings are giving us more cheap AF vibes. Seriously, stick to Lululemon if you don’t want everyone at the gym to judge you.

3. A koozie that says “Thirsty AF,” because nothing says that you’re a responsible mom like a koozie! Someone clearly just told JWoww about the whole “AF” thing for the first time, because she’s very into it. I guess it’s hard to keep up with the trends when you have to raise two kids and gym, tan, laundry.


4. JWoww brand bronzer. If there’s one thing Jenni has that we actually might be jealous of, it’s that elusive tan. Normally we’re very iffy about buying cosmetics made by someone who is most famous for showing their fake boobs on a reality TV show, but we’d try this.

5. Orange creamsicle scented sunscreen. This sounds gross. Fucking ew. We don’t want to smell like a creamsicle, thanks anyway though!

So, is the box worth it? If you love tacky shit and not acting your age, sure, go for it. Otherwise, save the 50 bucks and forget you ever saw that tank top.