Is Cool Sculpting Worth It? We Asked A Doctor If It Works

Society f*cking sucks (especially these days) but when it comes to beauty, it’s particularly awful. Women are held to insanely high standards of beauty and asked to be literally flawless while also not doing a single thing to achieve that. So, we had Dr. Devgan, the top female plastic surgeon in New York on our Diet Starts Tomorrow podcast to discuss and de-stigmatize plastic surgery. Along with being a mother of six, Dr. Devgan is the CEO of her own company called Scientific Beauty and the Chief Medical Officer at Real Self, so she’s like totally legit. Here are some takeaways from our chat with Dr. Devgan, but for the full scoop, you’ll have to listen to the episode below.

  • Most people who come to Dr. Devgan for plastic surgery generally like themselves and have confidence, but just want a bit of a change
  • Dr. Devgan’s patients are 85% female and 15% male, but the male percentage is growing
  • 10% of people who see a plastic surgeon have body dysmorphic disorder, so it’s important to screen for that
  • People don’t actually bring in celebrity photos to recreate their faces, because that’s really f*cking creepy, but you can totally bring inspiration photos of features you like
  • Age is beauty, according to Dr. Devgan—when you hit 35-40 your face has natural contour and elegance
  • Snapchat Dysmorphia is REAL and people literally want to become their filters. 
  • Dr. Devgan tells us, “It’s time to let women and men dictate their own choices about their own bodies with a little bit more dignity, privacy, and respect”
  • The average millennial is going to take 30,000 selfies in a year
  • What to look for in a plastic surgeon and what types of photos to ask to see
  • Jade rollers don’t actually work and you’re wasting your money and wrist strength
  • Why Dr. Devgan is also not a fan of thread lifts and cool sculpting

Listen to Dr. Devgan’s full episode of Diet Starts Tomorrow below.

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