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Is Camila's New Song "June Gloom" About Shawn? Revisiting Shawmila's Breakup(s)

Shawn Mendes once said to Camila Cabello, “They’re all about you. Like every song I’ve ever wrote.” And I haven’t been well since. I’m very aware that people think this relationship was annoying, and to the haters I say… the girls who get it get it. As an OG Fifth Harmony and Camila fan who has always been chronically online, I was invested in this romance when it was still in the friendship stage. I saw those joint interviews. I heard “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” I was on those Insta lives. It was obvious to everyone following along that these two were, like, meant for each other. It was truly a wild experience watching their romantic tension build up for years in front of us, and then finally, they started officially dating in 2019.

Shawmila lasted until the fall of 2021 the first time around, and they briefly got back together in the spring of 2023. Shawn and Camila have written countless songs about each other (they both owe most of their discographies to each other). Even though they’ve been over for a while now, it seems like Camila has more to say about her ex in a track off her new album, C, XOXO. Soo, is Camila’s new song “June Gloom” definitely about Shawn? Here’s what I think, based on my fangirl knowledge and professional research.

Is Camila Cabello’s New Song “June Gloom” About Shawn Mendes?


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The short answer? Yes. In her new song “June Gloom” from C, XOXO, Camila sings to an ex who’s moving on with someone else. She asks, “Does she get this wet for you, baby? / Talk to you in poems and songs, huh, baby?” Yeah, it’s intense. But the most telling part of this tune is the second verse: “How come you’re just so much better? / Is this gonna end ever?Is this gonna end ever? / I guess I’ll fuck around and find out / I know I act like it’s whatever, just makes me feel better / The truth is, honey, you’re all I think about.”

Camila certainly seems to be referring to Shawn and their attempt at getting back together here, but my hard evidence is actually one of her past, now-deleted Instagram posts. Back in April 2023, she shared a clip of this song with different lyrics. In that clip, the last three lines are: “Are you coming to Coachella? / If you don’t, it’s whatever / If you do, honey, it’ll be all I think about.” As we all remember from the bazillion TikToks, the singers were looking extremely lovey-dovey at Coachella that year. She really manifested that reunion because the caption of that post is “4.12 💐,” and they were making out at the music festival on April 14, 2023. I rest my case.

Why Did Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello Break Up?


This week @Camila Cabello is opening up about her public relationship with Shawn Mendes and dabbling with getting back together with an ex. Tune into the full episode now!

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After their adorable friends-to-lovers arc and more than two years of dating, Shawmila shocked the world (especially me) when they announced their breakup on identical Insta Stories in November 2021. Mind you, they had a DOG together, and everyone literally thought they were gonna get married. “Hey guys, we’ve decide to end our romantic relationship but our love for one another as human is stronger than ever ❤️,” Camila and Shawn said in their split statement. “We started our relationship as best friends and will continue to be best friends. We so appreciate your support from the beginning and moving forward ❤️❤️❤️.” I was so shook that I made a reaction TikTok at the time. And I post on TikTok, like, twice a year.

Naturally, they both released a bunch of breakup songs, and I tried my best to move on. But sure enough, Camila and Shawn gave their romance another shot in April 2023 when they canoodled at Coachella. Their reunion was short-lived, and by June 2023, they were broken up again.

During her March 2024 Call Her Daddy appearance, Camila dished on the second breakup. She admitted to being “impulsive” (referencing Coachella) and noted that it “it was a fun moment.” However, she and Shawn both realized, “This doesn’t feel right and we don’t really need to try so hard to make it work. It’s all good. This is not feeling good, like ‘Let’s be friends, I love you. It’s all good, let’s move on.'” And the exes still follow each other on Insta to this day.

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