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In Case Your Invite Gets Lost In The Mail, Gerry And Theresa's Wedding Is Airing Live

Not only was The Golden Bachelor the perfect conversation pivot at our Thanksgiving tables whenever someone brought up Trump’s chance of reelection, but it turned out to be a literal love story. The season concluded on November 30, and Gerry Turner is officially engaged to Theresa Nist. Sure, fans are still split, and Twitter had a lot of feelings, but that’s Hollywood, baby. Luckily for you, fans who feel you know this couple personally and expect to sit in the front row at their wedding. — you can! Kinda, sorta. Last night, ABC announced that their wedding will be a televised special, the franchise’s first since Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici in 2014.

Happy for Theresa, but in the end, we all won this season. Overall, The Golden Bachelor felt like an Instagram Model-less breath of fresh air. We laughed! We cried! We cried! We cried! Also, we cried! And we’re ready to cry more at this wedding. Here are all the details we’ve got so far.

Gerry and Theresa’s Wedding Date

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Gerry said during After The Final Rose, “We’re going to do it as quickly as we can because we don’t have much time to waste at our age. So, as quickly as we can put together a wedding plan, we’re getting married.”

It’s going to be the quickest wedding in franchise history. And while they’re not doing a Khloé and Lamar style 7-day engagement, it’s not that far off. Gerry and Theresa’s LIVE Wedding will air on Thursday, January 4. This is no pre-taped special. It’s a live ceremony, so you can really feel like you’re there.

Where Is Their Wedding?

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Ok, we don’t know this *yet* but if I had to guess, I can picture it on that beach where Bachelor in Paradise is filmed because the permits are already in place. Idk makes sense to me.


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Even with a short engagement, these two still get their honeymoon time in.  During After the Final Rose, Jesse Palmer presented Gerry and Theresa with a romantic getaway to Italy. Here’s hoping one of their grandkids helps them figure out TikTok so we can follow along.

Susan Is Officiating The Wedding

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On January 2, fellow Golden Bachelor contestant Susan Noles posted on Instagram announcing that she’s officially officiating Theresa and Gerry’s wedding. And it makes sense. The 66-year-old fan-favorite is literally a wedding officiant, like as her job. She’s also a hair and makeup stylist (and did many of the women’s makeup during the show) and a perfectly self-proclaimed Kris Jenner type.

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