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IDGAF About Words Of Affirmation — Here Are The 5 Meme Love Languages

Odds are, in the last five-to-10 years, you’ve probably developed a better understanding of your love language. Odds are also, in the last five-to-10 minutes, you’ve giggled at a meme you received from a person you love (or at least kind of like). 

Some would argue “sending memes” is the bonus love language beyond words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. (And on top of that, they just added two new ones: shared experiences and emotional security.) (It is possible for your love language to just be “ALL,” right?) There is truly no better way to show affection in the modern world than DMing a subjectively funny picture, video, or visually curated text in the name of connecting and relating. 

But what isn’t accounted for is the type of meme-lover you might be. Do you only send memes that remind your BFF she’s a bit of a mess? Do you only send your boyf 14 posts in a row and expect him to address every single one? Do you only discover memes after they’ve made their way through every social platform and ended up in your email inbox with the subject line “FWD: FWD: FWD: FWD: funny”? We all meme a little differently — and because it varies by the circumstance and relationship, you don’t have to settle on just ONE meme love language. 

meme love languages
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The Five Meme Love Languages

Memes of Affirmation

This made me think of you! (sweet)

Acts of Hostility 

This made me think of you! (derogatory)

Receiving Memes 

I enjoy being sent something relatable and funny even though I’ll probably just heart it and never send any back. 

Quality Time Lost

Here are three dozen links to TikToks & IG posts you need to see; please complete the homework in a timely manner and be prepared to discuss.

Out of Touch

I saw a hilarious meme today! But there’s a safe chance the person I send it to will reply: “haha I saw that in 2017.” 

Meme Love Language Quiz 

  1. Meme scenario: You’re a new mom and your brother sends you a video of a lady spilling an entire glass of wine on a baby’s head and just captions it: “You.”

MLL:  ___________________________

  1. Meme scenario: Your dad just emailed you a “Sad Keanu Reeves” meme.

MLL:  ___________________________

  1. Meme scenario: You’re hard at work when your sister sends you nine TikToks at 11:31 a.m. It’s now 3:35 p.m. and you’re still on TikTok. 

MLL:  ___________________________

  1. Meme scenario: Your BFF sends you a Betches post about how there’s nothing a margarita, queso and a BFF can’t cure. 

MLL:  ___________________________

  1. Meme scenario: Your boyfriend is barely on Instagram but he gets a kick out of you DMing him Barbie-Oppenheimer memes. 

MLL:  ___________________________


ANSWER KEY: 1. Acts of Hostility 2. Out of Touch 3. Quality Time Lost 4. Memes of Affirmation 5. Receiving Memes

Sara K. Runnels
Sara K. Runnels
Sara K. Runnels is a copywriter and humor writer living in Seattle, Washington. Her work has appeared in The New Yorker, McSweeney’s, Tinder messages, Gmail inboxes, group texts, Instagram captions, one Yelp review, several spec scripts her mom thinks are GREAT and hundreds of Twitter screenshots. Follow her all over the internet – @omgskr.