8 Pieces Of Clothing That Hide Sweat Stains

In the summer, there’s only one thing that gives me more anxiety than missing out on a great tanning day: whether my outfit will show sweat stains. We’ve all witnessed the unfortunate and unattractive reality that is sweat stains. I mean, try seeing the guy you like with a bad case of swamp ass and I guarantee you’ll be over him faster than Ariana Grande moved on from Mac Miller. Even so, guys can actually get away with having sweat stains 100 zillion times more easily than girls can. Like, what, it’s not feminine that I’m sweating through my cute and flirty sundress??? Nope, it’s not. Gender equality, WYA? Until then, take advantage of him paying for your dinner and try these outfit-saving tips to hide sweat stains and avoid looking like a sweaty mess this summer.

1. Black

We’ll start with the basic question: what color should I wear? At the end of the day, it seems to hold true that the only color we can 100% rely on to hide sweat stains is black. Black is truly that loyal, ride-or-die bestie that we’ll never quit. White is also pretty reliable for hiding sweat, but probs only about 95% of the time. No math wiz here, but that’s still a pretty good percentage. Pro tip: avoid pastels at all costs.

Bobi Draped romper

2. Prints

Not only do prints help hide your problem areas, but they also help hide your sweaty pits! Personally, I’m not a big prints person. BUT, there are some cute summer prints available right now that don’t look like they’re straight out of Oshkosh B’Gosh.

Raga Summer Bloom Blouse

3. Sheer/Mesh/Eyelet

Any piece of clothing that’s sheer is going to be ideal for a hot summer night spent downing tequila shots. This detailing not only hides sweat stains, but is overall more breathable, too. Which is something you’ll be happy about when you have a panic attack over seeing your ex at the bar. Excuse me, Mr. Bartender?! I’d actually like to make that two tequila shots for me, please and thank you. 

Show Me Your Mumu Tassel Baby Bells

4. Cutouts

Cutouts give your summer look a touch of edge and sex appeal. But, even more importantly, cutouts allow for extra ventilation which can help hide sweat stains. Pick a piece of black clothing that also has cutouts and you’ll be Bob Marley-level worry-free.

Free People Issa maxi dress

5. Crochet/Open-Knit

Anything loose knit is ideal for summer, because it’s stylish and totalllllly sweaty-bitch friendly. Crochet and open-knit styles are summer staples and have a natural boho-beachy vibe. Just don’t get carried away with the crochet or you’ll look a Coachella reject.

UO Crochet Bell-Sleeve Sweater

6. Linen

Linen is a summer fabric that is non-clingy, lightweight, and also currently vvv on trend. It’s impossible to go shopping right now and NOT find something linen. It’s like, walking into a bar and looking for vodka. You can easily find it…unless of course you’ve pregamed too hard and you’re already that drunk. Feels, my sis.

Spendid Dahlia linen dress

7. Large Armholes

It’s common sense that anything with larger armholes is going to more breathable. Set the pits free, ladies!!! Large armholes are also sexy because they allow for a little side boob action. And, like, guys can’t control themselves around a girl with some subtle side boob.

Free People Wishlist tank

8. Large Sleeves

As we’ve mentioned before, oversize sleeves are in this summer. And this trend works super great with your summer sweat dilemma! If the fabric is not directly touching your underarms, then your underarms cannot get soaked with sweat. It’s called basic science, look it up.

Kimchi Blue Riki ribbed cropped top

There’s no need to risk ruining your summer #ootd with sweat stains. Save the cheerleader your outfit, save the world.

Images: @rafaelladiniz / Unsplash; Revolve; Urban Outfitters (2); Free People (2); Shopbop; South Moon Under (2)
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Shannon McCormick
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