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How To Dress Your Cool And Hot Boyfriend Just Like Justin Bieber

Haters continue to hate on Justin Bieber’s… how should I say… eclectic, Sandler-core style? Sure, he may sometimes look like the kids at the gas station who ask you to buy beer for them. But what they don’t understand is Justin is actually being an incredible husband and partner. Your dusty husbands could never! 

I promise it’s not the brain worms talking, I’m serious. There’s an actual reason Justin is dressing like he would smell like expired ranch dressing. His straight-from-the-skate-park, period sweats attire is simply in support of his fashion darling wife, Hailey Bieber. Because Justin looks so bad, he’s drawing all the attention onto his stunning wife. Who cares what he’s wearing! It’s all about Queen Blueberry Pie Milkmaid Swedish Massage Glazed Strawberry Sprinkle Donut! 

Many style tips and tricks can be gleaned by this revolutionary act in partner support. After carefully examining several pap shots of the couple, I realized Justin has a specific formula that can be translated onto any loving boyfriend. After all, if he really loved you, he’d be willing to look like an extra in 8 Mile

Use these styling tips to make your boyfriend look as dingy as possible. 

Where Others See a Messy Room, You See a Sick Outfit

Think of “The Chair” when styling your man. You know, those clothes piled on the chair or bench in your room; they’re not dirty but they’re not straight out of the dryer? Put all of those pieces into his outfit. 

Don’t be afraid to use clothes off the floor, either. Grab whatever top, pant, and sneakers you see lying around and, bam, cute ‘fit alert. 

Draw From Offbeat Influences

Critics might’ve been quick to dunk on Justin’s casual sweats look during an August trip to NYC. He stepped out to celebrate Hailey’s new Rhode collab with Krispy Kreme wearing a pink trucker hat, tautly closed hoodie, and Crocs. But not you! 

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You see a look so fugly it could only only be a clear reference to Miranda Hobbes getup in Sex and the City season 2, episode 14, “The Fuck Buddy.”

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So don’t be afraid to pick “odd” references and style inspirations. Think Scumbag Steve, your little brother helping you move into your college dorm, a golf caddy who was out until 3am the night before — the more zany and unexpected, the better.

When In Doubt, Add A Hat

If you’re unsure about an outfit, or something feels like it’s “missing,” just add a hat — the more “out there,” the better. Like in the previous style tip, don’t just stick to your standard baseball cap, get creative with where you draw inspo from. Think the giant Arby’s hat on Hollywood and Vine, Jamiroquai, Boris from Rocky and Bullwinkle, Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android” music video, and of course, The Sims. When in doubt, just channel The Sims. If a Sim would wear it, Justin would wear it, too. 

When All Is Said And Done, Just Make Sure You Take the Lead

When you debut this new and improved look on your BF, make sure you’re grabbing all of the spotlight. Let’s say you’re entering a restaurant, or walking on the beach to greet a group of friends. Be sure that you are at least 20 paces ahead of your BF, looking knock-out gorg. Make sure that when he does make his appearance he’s scowling, frowning, and just generally looks miserable. This diverts all the attention to you, making you all the more radiant. The juxtaposition of looks (you looking incredible, him looking like trash) elevates even a basic look for you. Tell him to channel a petulant child in desperate need of nap time accompanying his mommy to the grocery store. And ​​voilà

Eva Morreale
Eva Morreale
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