How To Hide Your Hangover At Work Without Puking Into Your Trash Can

By Alise Morales | April 14, 2017

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It happens to the best of us. You get too lit on a Wednesday and then wake up on Thursday feeling like death. Unfortunately for those of us who are no longer in college (RIP social life), turning off your alarm and copying the notes later from that dude who is always staring at your ass is not an option. Nope. You have a job and responsibilites and bills to pay and a boss who gives a fuck if you show up and shit. You also can’t just roll up hot reeking of last night’s tequila and telling everyone who will listen about how you feel like you’re going to die. You have to find a way to appear as if you’re a fine, normal, human adult who totally did not black out mid-week just because her one funemployed friend told her a bout half priced shots. Basically, you have to lie. But no worries because, as they say, if Britney could get through 2003, you can get through anything. Even a hangover that feels like it may be moving from just regular sickness into imminent death. And sure, 90% of getting over a hangover is just staying hydrated, but when was the last time you remembered to do that? Ugh that just reminds me I haven’t had a glass of water in over six months. BRB…