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No, I Wont Work Out With You... Unless It's Flamingo Yoga

Unless you have been living under a rock don’t have an Instagram, you know that doing yoga with animals (i.e., goat yoga, alpaca yoga, and even puppy yoga) isn’t anything revolutionary. While I am admittedly *not* a fitness girlie, hanging out with animals is motivation enough to get me in sneakers and a sports bra. So, when I got offered the chance to try flamingo yoga at the Baha Mar resort in the Bahamas, I instantly thought, “why TF not?” — even if it meant cutting an hour out of my beloved beach and pool time. Worst-case scenario, I told myself, I’d still have a killer IG photo for my feed.

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WTF To Expect From Flamingo Yoga 

The yoga class takes place right outside the ESPA Spa Fitness Center in a lush courtyard surrounded by scenic swaying palm trees. Before I — or the rest of the group — could even think about getting our zen on, the instructor was quick to reassure us that we’d have plenty of time to take pics with the birds (phew). Almost immediately after the class started, four playful flamingos — Baha, Lynden, Luca, and Indy — along with their handler, made their long-awaited grand debut. The yoga and flamingo instructors were pretty chill. The only “rule” they gave us was not to pick up or hold the flamingos…which, okay, yes, fair.

Like the creepy guy who wouldn’t stop flirting with you at your friend’s 30th, these birds def weren’t shy about making their presence known (but, obviously, they’re way cuter and actually worth spending time with).  So, of course, I didn’t mind that they had absolutely no qualms when it came to personal space.

The birds spent most of the 55-minute class honking around, pecking on our mats with their massive beaks, snuggling up to us while deep in downward dog, and even eating our hair, jewelry, and sneakers.

TBH, I was so enamored with them that I didn’t even GAF about the fact that I had zero core strength or balancing skills.

The Yoga Part

TL;DR: This was a legit yoga class, and even though I struggled with some of the poses — you know, downward dog; tree pose; warriors one, two, *and* three; and, my personal fave, child’s pose  — the instructor was super knowledgeable and on hand to help. And, NGL, I skipped a few of the poses in order to snap some selfies with the birds.  (The vibe of the class is pretty laid-back, which I was especially grateful for as an inexperienced yogi.)

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The bottom line: For a cool $80 per person, the 55-minute class isn’t exactly cheap. However, if you’re looking for a super-cool, ‘gram-worthy experience you can’t find anywhere else — and want a cool pic for your Instagram feed — it’s well worth it.  

Other Things To Do at Baha Mar

Rent A Private Poolside Cabana

For the ultimate splurge, rent a poolside cabana ($1,500) at the Baha Bay Beach Club — which gives you exclusive access to two sparkling infinity pools overlooking the ocean — and thank me later. Will it cost half or more of your rent? Sure, but, when you consider the fact that you can split the cost amongst six people, it’s slightly more manageable. Also, each poolside cabana has a sofa, plush chaise lounges, a TV, a stocked fridge, a bottle of rose and a fruit platter, wifi, beach and pool towels, and personal VIP cabana service. For a slightly less $$$ option, consider one of the Baha Bay Beach Club Garden Cabanas ($800). Alternatively, chaise lounge rentals are available for $100 apiece. 

Perfect Your Swing

Calling all golf girlies: Hit up the Royal Blue golf course, STAT. Ocean Blue is a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course (aka it’s very legit) and offers stunning views of the dunes and the ocean from the first nine holes. The back nine are a bit more, ahem, challenging with steeper terrain — however, it’s just as scenic, so be sure to snap some pics for your IG story. Pro tip: Have your friend take a pic of you swinging to make all your golf-loving former Hinge flames extra jelly. (They deserve it for ghosting you.) 

Hit The Club

Sure, you may no longer be a full-fledged club rat, but when you hear the beat drop at Bond nightclub, I guarantee you’ll go feral. The sprawling 10,000-square-foot club is by far the Bahamas’ most bougie. So, let loose while you sip handcrafted cocktails while listening to live DJ music — and don’t be afraid to bust a few moves. 

Where Else to Stay

Baha Mar is amazing, but I’ll admit it’s *huge* and pretty much always crowded. For those craving a more low-key stay, check into the posh Goldwynn Resort. The swanky property, which is located on the same stretch of sand as Baha Mar, represents the epitome of quiet luxury with its chic rooms and suites (each with its own oversized balcony perfect for watching the sunset), stylish eateries and common spaces, and a stunning eye-shaped infinity pool.

Lauren Ellman
Lauren Ellman
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