6 Moves To Get Your Body In Music Festival Shape

It’s festival season and you’re probs still recovering from the gallons few responsible sips of Fireball you drank at Coachella. You’ve got a season’s worth of chic AF outfits that you’re not going to fit into if you spend the entire summer drinking vodka out of Vitamin Water bottles with a motto of “whatever, I’m getting cheese fries.” (I mean get the cheese fries, but maybe skip the corn dog?) Anway, it’s hard to make time to go to the gym when you have to perfect your glitter hair and mini sunglasses ensemble (plus find a spot to stage the perfect Insta). So we found the solution to your problem. You can just work out AT the festival while getting fucked up seeing Chance the Rapper’s set. Brilliant.

You’re short AF and can’t see over the crowd? Work for that perfect sculpted Kylie butt. Need to get through the crowd super quick because you broke the seal too soon and now feel like you’re going to pee in your perfectly distressed shorts? Sculpt those abs while you’re at it. (Your bladder will probs get a workout too.) Can’t find your squad in the crowd? Cool, burn some calories while you search for them. So like, do these exercises, and you won’t need to edit your pics as much because you’ll already look hot AF. Plus we all know you can’t be trusted editing pics after the fourth round of shots set in.

1. 15 Squat Jumps

Jump high AF to see the best route and avoid detours.

2. 30 Seconds Fast Feet

Tiny steps will help you avoid stepping on people’s toes for no drama.

3. 10 Turn Jumps

Suck it in to squeeze through small openings in the crowd.

4. 20 Twist Jumps

Don’t be afraid to “accidentally” throw some elbows at bitches who just won’t get out the way.

5. 30 Jumping Jacks

Once you get the spot, make sure your friends can find you so you’re not a loner.

6. Repeat 3 Times And You’re Ready To PAARTAAYYY 

While you’re at it, why not show everyone you brought the party with the sporty chic Shop Betches “Ready To PAARTAAYYY” tank.

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The Betches
The Betches
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