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Ways To Workout Without Actually Having To, You Know, Work Out

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IDK about you but sometimes working out feels like actual work. Trying to get myself to and from the gym requires a certain amount of mental strength that I don’t always have day-in and day-out. While some days a pilates class sounds great, other days I’d rather get my movement in by using my finger to scroll TikTok—sorry, not sorry. This my friends, is called balance. 

That being said, I also value my health and wellbeing and like to remind myself that there are a lot of activities that I do on a daily basis that are legit forms of exercise. I mean, have you ever tried folding a fitted sheet? If you don’t break out in a sweat trying to do that, then can’t relate. Besides that, there are a ton of things you can incorporate into you’re everyday life that are…like, actually enjoyable. I’ve put together a decent list of the things that work for me, and here’s to hoping they work for you too. 

Cozy cardio

Okay, this is hands down my favorite thing that’s ever come out of TikTok in the last year. If you haven’t already heard of it, here’s a brief synopsis: Hope Zuckerbrow, creator of The Cozy Cardio Club, posted a video back in September reminding us girlies that working out doesn’t have to feel, well, like a workout. It can be cozy, calming, and (dare I say) fun. Her setup includes a walking treadmill, a protein coffee, and catching up on your fave shows.

@hope_zuckerbrow COZY CARDIO💗💅🏻 #fyp #weightloss #easyworkout #cozy #cozyathome #cardio #walkingpad #cozycardio ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

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Running errands (aka roaming around Target)

I can’t even keep track of the amount of times I literally jumped in my car to run to the nearest Target simply just to reach my 12K steps a day goal. I mean the phrase “running errands” literally has the term running in it so it’s bound to be at least a little physical, right? Plus, combining steps with my favorite pastime of picking things up and putting them back feels like a win-win. If I’m feeling extra ~fancy~ I’ll keep track of my steps with an Oura Ring, which doesn’t remind me to stand up every 5 minutes (*cough cough apple watch*).

Oura Ring

Take a hike

No, literally. Take a hike. Could be anything from traveling to your nearest trail or taking your dog for a walk around the park nearby. I personally really love this hands-free leash that allows me to hold my phone and a bevvy even if I’m being, like, active and whatnot.

Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Bungee Leash

Cleaning the house

There’s something so cathartic about throwing on your fave podcast (shout out my fave Diet Starts Tomorrow) and going on a completely cleaning rage before 9AM on a crisp Saturday morning. There’s just something about it that feels… Productive. You know what else is productive? The fact that you’re literally doing manual labor on a Saturday morning which, hello! Totally counts as exercise. If I’m feeling extra spicy I’ll throw on a pair of Bala Bangles to keep things interesting.

Bala Bangles

Standing while working

Okay, this one might be a no-brainer, but TBH, my body (especially my back) actually feels better after spending a day standing/fidgeting in front of my computer rather than sitting. Call me a dreamer but I also feel like somehow it makes me more productive? IDK. It’s also fun if your standing desk is motorized so you can go up and down all day long. 

Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Catch up with the groupchat IRL

Hear me out… What if instead of going to Happy Hour with your girlfriends you decided to meet up for coffee and a romp around the neighborhood? I mean with all the fall foliage happening right now, it’s going to feel like you’re legit in a movie. You can gossip freely in the fresh air, just don’t forget comfy shoes. 

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