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"Queer Eye" With Some New Guy? Everything You Need To Know About The Fab Five Drama

Even when reality TV is as wholesome as it can get, there’s always some drama going on — and Queer Eye is no exception. 

Since one-fifth of the Fab Five, Bobby Berk, announced that he was leaving the show after eight seasons, rumors started circulating about what could have caused his departure. And because of some Instagram unfollowing, one of the rumors that seemed to stick was that Tan France and Bobby allegedly had some sort of beef going on and that through this drama, Tan was campaigning to have Bobby fired from the show and replaced with one of his friends. 

And while celebrities in the past might typically stay quiet about rumors about them, we live in the age of Instagram, baby. And that means that instead of “statements to the press,” we get Instagram videos (on the feed, may I add) from celebrities setting the record straight. 

On Friday morning, Tan posted a video to his Instagram and said, “My former colleague getting fired had nothing to do with me trying to get my friend hired.” While Tan probably made the video to bring the matter to a close (he said that he wouldn’t add anything else about the topic), it leaves many questions unanswered. Was Bobby actually fired? What’s going on? And who is going to be the new addition to the Fab Five? Here’s everything you need to know about the Queer Eye drama

Why Did Bobby Leave Queer Eye?

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Last we heard from Bobby, he told Vanity Fair that when the Fab Five was wrapping up season 8 in New Orleans, the general feeling was that their journey with the show was coming to a natural close. So, when Bobby was offered another contract, he did what he assumed his colleagues were doing and decided to leave. However, the other show members stayed on, leaving Netflix to recast someone to take Bobby’s place. (Fab Four doesn’t sound as appealing.) So Bobby reinforced that his leaving had nothing to do with on-set drama but rather a personal decision fueled by contractual agreements. But Tan’s word choice of “fired” makes you think about what we’re missing out on. 

Do Bobby And Tan Have Beef? 

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Thanks to the Queer Eye fandom, who apparently watches the Fab Five’s every social media move, there was no question that there was some sort of falling out happening between Bobby and Tan. But Bobby talked about that in his interview, too. 

He said that he did, in fact, unfollow Tan on Instagram at a point but that it had to do with a personal argument they had and that he did it in a moment of anger. He compared themselves to siblings and said that siblings fight sometimes. (I, too, have rage-blocked my brother several times before.) But Bobby insisted that it had nothing to do with the show and that, at the time, he felt optimistic about their future relationship, especially considering how heartwarming their reunion was at the Emmys


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What’s Going On With Jonathan Van Ness?

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In the middle of all of the Bobby and Tan drama, JVN was reported to have issues of their own — rage issues, that is. According to many sources, JVN was a “nightmare” to have on the show, as they were allegedly emotionally abusive to crew members. Apparently, their rage issues were so bad that they’d explode once a week. The “Fab Five” aren’t looking so fabulous right now, huh?

Who Is Replacing Bobby On Queer Eye?

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Bobby’s leaving some big (and gorgeous) shoes behind to fill, and filling those shoes is Jeremiah Brent. Jeremiah is a close friend of Tan’s, but he also comes with a super impressive background. He’s had a bunch of different design shows with his husband Nate, where they typically flip houses and help people see their home decor dreams turn into reality. Plus, he’s no stranger to Netflix. (Let’s just hope he does better than the one-season run of Say I Do). So, it’s safe to say that he has a proven track record. And it’s exciting to consider how his flair will work on season nine’s Las Vegas set — and how he fits in as a new member of the Fab Five.

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