Everything Jordyn Woods Has Been Up To In The Year Since The Kylie Scandal

Well fam, it’s time to pour one out, because it’s been a whole year since Jordyn Woods sat on Tristan Thompson’s lap and screwed herself out of riding Kylie’s coattails for life. It was the betrayal heard ’round the world, and probably the biggest Kardashian scandal that wasn’t cooked up by Kris Jenner to boost KUWTK ratings. From the endless fire memes, to the Red Table Talk interview that was more important than the Super Bowl (not up for debate), Jordyn-gate was a big f*cking deal.

So where are we a year later? While Jordyn Woods’ choices lost her the chance to stay at Kylie’s guest house indefinitely, she also gained a ton of exposure, and as any Bachelor contestant can tell you, exposure is everything. Let’s take a look at what Jordyn has been up to in her year of Kardashian exile.

She Got Unfollowed

For several months after Jordyn’s falling out with Kylie, the ex-best friends still followed each other on Instagram. Amidst the many questionable rumors about the status of their friendship, this was the one concrete sign that they might not be done with each other for good. But that didn’t last, and Kylie finally unfollowed Jordyn in July, just days after she was spotted hanging out James Harden, another one of Khloé’s exes. Jordyn has since unfollowed Kylie as well, so they’re fully uncoupled at this point.

She Launched A Clothing Collab

In June, Jordyn announced a collab with fast fashion brand Boohoo, which is one of those sites where the clothes are already low-key falling apart by the time they’re shipped to you. In the teaser video, Jordyn got philosophical, saying that she’s inspired by “anyone who is waking up each day and willing to be better.” Wow, her mind. I’ll keep that in mind next time I wake up think about being worse, thanks girl!

She Launched A Hair Collab

You can never have too many collabs, and Jordyn followed up her foray into clothing with her very own line of hair extensions/wigs. Cute! I’d like to think that this is Jordy’s way of throwing shade at the many questionable wig choices Kylie has made in the past (I still have nightmares about the teal), but she probably just wanted the paycheck. I can’t blame her, and the hair looks nice!

She Launched A Fitness Collab

Are you sick of the word “collab” yet? Yeah, me too. Jordyn made her move into the fitness space in the fall, though a partnership with a company called B_ND. The collaboration, called FRSTPLACE, consists of two different resistance bands, along with workout guides that you can purchase. The guides also include nutrition guides, which I have some questions about. The website specifies that “the guides do not include a list of recipes or a nutrition plan tailored to your needs,” so I’m kind of wondering what they do include? Like, I don’t need to pay $25 for a PDF that’s going to tell me that carbs are bad.

She Launched A YouTube Channel

At this point, anyone with an ounce of internet fame has started a YouTube channel, and some of them are better than others. Jordyn launched hers in the fall, and quickly amassed almost 250k subscribers, and her content is fun! She did a video with her little sister and her mom, but the last time she uploaded a video was at the beginning of December. Jordy!! How are you supposed to cultivate an engaged following if you don’t post consistently?! Smh, her social media manager is really dropping the ball on this one.

She Found A New Girl Group

Of course, Jordyn and Kylie were super close, but it’s not like Jordyn doesn’t have other friends. Last month, she went on a trip to Jamaica with a killer crew including Normani and Lori Harvey, and I could not stop stalking their photos. I love a friend group where you have to have a million Instagram followers to be invited on the trip. This seems like the perfect kind of clique for Jordyn, because she’s not playing second fiddle like she was to Kylie. Nothing but respect for my number one girl in the group!!

Basically, it’s been a busy year for Jordyn, full of sponsored posts and selfies. She’s out here living her best life, and getting dumped by Kylie might just be the best thing that ever happened to her. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but still, it seems like she’s doing fine. Happy one-year anniversary to my favorite feud ever! To celebrate, I’m going to go watch the clip of Khloé Kardashian yelling “LIARRRRR” into the phone 100 times in a row.

Images: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock; kyliejenner, jordynwoods / Instagram; Boohoo, Easilocks, Jordyn Woods / YouTube

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