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Growing Up Is Realizing Emily Gilmore Is The Superior Gilmore Girl

Watching Gilmore Girls as a 13 year old, one thinks, “Wow, this mom and daughter duo are so cool, so smart, so self-assured!” And then you grow TF up. You realize potentially the only person on that show who isn’t completely bananas is none other than Emily Gilmore herself. (Except Michel of course.)

The reasons are aplenty, though anyone looks good next to Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, those emotional terrorists with absurdly fast metabolisms. I’ve always said part of loving Gilmore Girls is recognizing that Lorelai and Rory are absolute super villains, inflicting pain upon the citizens of Stars Hollow, their romantic interests, and oftentimes themselves. It’s not unlike Carrie being the super villian of Sex and the City a rant for another time. But this isn’t about them (For once! Shocking!)

This is about the Queen of the DAR, Mrs. Gilmore. Her flaws exist, yes. She’s pushy and a snob with plenty of sass (LOL, like mother, like daughter, like granddaughter!) But Emily has aged well as a character because, despite her issues and severe lack of boundaries, she was always acting from a place of defending and protecting her family. I mean who can forget the scene to end all Gilmore Girls scenes, when Emily takes down Shira Huntzberger to defend Rory. 

She could’ve lorded Rory’s Chilton tuition over Lorelai’s head but all she asked for in return was quality time with her family. She kicks Christopher out of their house when he shows up unannounced in a weak attempt to woo Lorelai. She even takes care of Lorelai when she throws out her back! All she wants is to be the “cool” mom like Lorelai and have the kind of relationship she has with Rory. 

With Richard’s passing in Gilmore Girls:Year in the Life Emily finds some independence and heals some of the damage done in her and Lorelai’s relationship in therapy, bringing her character full circle. Meanwhile Rory ends up knocked up via an affair with the worst Rory Boyfriend yes, I said it and Lorelai looks miserable married to Luke (entirely her own fault!) Petition for Emily to pack up and move to Paris with her sister and leave those losers behind! 

Eva Morreale
Eva Morreale
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