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Sober Curious? These Mocktails Won’t Make You Miss Drinking

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It’s resolution season which typically sounds boring AF but this year we’re swapping hangovers for flavor and style with some ~fancy~ mocktails for those who are sober curious. Think about it – living each weekend without groggy mornings and regret, just pure, delicious fun in a glass. Starting off with the fact that there’s now a White Claw non-alcoholic seltzer which I personally love because I’m essentially just drinking a La Croix but it’s giving “I’m the life of the party”. Next up, Soi Très Rosé by Katy Perry, it’s like a night out in a can, minus the headache the next day. And for a bit of fizzy joy, the All-Natural Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Beverage in cranberry flavor is just perfect to keep the spirit high without the spirits.

Now, let’s talk about Recess Mocktails. These aren’t just your average drinks; they’re packed with adaptogens for that wellness edge we all need. And for those missing their tequila shots, Ritual Tequila Alternative is here to save your evenings, giving you that familiar kick without the after-effects. Mediterranean lovers, you’re in for a treat with Ghia’s Non-Alcoholic Apéritif, offering a unique botanical blend that’s as refreshing as it is sober.

If you’re into mixing things up, Kin Euphorics is your go-to for non-alcoholic spirits blended with adaptogens and nootropics – talk about a smart sip. And for those who love variety, Craftmix’s Variety Pack is like a mocktail adventure in a box. Don’t forget about Surely’s Non-Alcoholic Champagne and Rosé and Mingle Mocktails’ Cranberry Cosmo, perfect for toasting to your health and happiness. So cheers (literally) to a sober evening filled with fun, flavor, and zero hangovers! Who would have thought?

White Claws but, like, declawed

White Claw 0% Zero Alcohol Variety Non-Alcoholic 12/12oz Cans

Zayn’s fave (yes, that Zayn) martini sans the vodka

Mixoloshe Lychee Martini by Zayn

Champagne…kind of

TÖST All-Natural Alcohol Free Sparkling Beverage

A sampler kit for indecisive drinkers (hi, it’s me)

Recess Zero Proof Sampler Of Craft Mocktails
 $29.39 (was $41.99)

Tequila without the, um, tequila

RITUAL ZERO PROOF Tequila Alternative

A touch of Mediterranean flavors

Ghia Botanical Mediterranean-Inspired Spirit Cocktail Mixer
 $30.68 (was $38)

A splash of pomegranate

Mocktail Club Bombay Fire

Bella Hadid’s go-to mocktail

Kin Spritz by Kin Euphorics

And, Katy Perry’s

De Soi Très Rosé By Katy Perry
 $22.98 (was $24.50)

Powders you can easily mix in

Craftmix Variety Pack

Some alc-free vino

Surely Non Alcoholic Wine in Red Blend

Andrea Marie
Andrea Marie