This Magical Machine Will Basically Cure Your Hangover

You know that feeling when you wake up in a stranger’s bed, hungover AF and all you want is a glass of chilled water before you can even look at your 42 missed texts from your group chat? So then the guy you went home with offers you tap water and you’re like, “oh god, where am I… a frat house? Who drinks tap water anymore?” But you drink it anyway, because who knows what else you put in your mouth last night, but honestly the least he could do is give you clean, filtered water. Like, get your shit together, dude.

This is why you need to know about Drinkpod, the better way to filter your water at home. Forget about a refillable pitcher with a filter—I mean, let’s be real, how often do you actually change those filters? When you’re at a guy’s house and they have a pitcher filter and roommates, there is absolutely zero chance that thing has ever been cleaned, so he might as well have driven to the nearest stagnant body of water and filled you up a cup of that.

Drinkpod is a water filter that uses UV technology to clean your water so it’s guaranteed to be 100 times purer than other water filters. That means it’ll help you flush out than many more martinis, shots, or whatever your poison drink of choice is. That’s good news for your hangover, since a true hangover cure doesn’t exist yet (thanks, science) and all we can really do to numb the pain is drink a shit ton of water and like, maybe eat a greasy breakfast.

Whether your hangover morning ritual involves cold water, hot coffee, or hot water with lemon, you can make them all in the Drinkpod with the push of a button—no microwaving or boiling necessary. The Drinkpod lets you choose the temperature of the water instantaneously. You can use the hot setting to make instant ramen, my personal hangover cure of choice, and the cold setting to make cold brew, because the only thing better for your hangover than ice water is iced coffee.

We never thought we’d be raving about a water machine, but honestly this appliance is cool, and it’s a serious upgrade from your freshman year filter. Get a Drinkpod, it will change your life. Plus, it’s 2018 now, and we all know that buying bottled water is like, bad for the environment (and your wallet). With Drinkpod, you’ll never have to throw out a mountain of plastic Poland Spring bottles that you’ve been storing in your car for six months ever again. Do a little math, and add up how much you spend on your favorite bottled water every month…there are other items you know you’d rather buy.

In partnership with Drinkpod