Dorit And PK's Money Troubles Are Finally Being Exposed

If you hung on until the end of this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, congratulations, we made it. After the initial excitement of the Lisa Vanderpump dog drama wore off, this season felt like a never-ending game of beat around the bush, especially when it came to Dorit and PK. If you pay attention to Bravo drama outside of the actual shows, it’s been clear that Dorit Kemsley and her husband PK have been dealing with some shady financial sh*t for a while now, but it seems like the women on the show have some kind of agreement not to go near it.

When Camille Grammer started to ask questions about Dorit and PK’s money situation at the end of this season, she was immediately shut down by the group. Sorry, but as someone who has watched literally several hundred hours of Real Housewives, this would be a main plot line on any other Housewives show. We literally watched Teresa Giudice go to prison for her financial issues! I could go on about how boring RHOBH has gotten, but the real reason we’re here today is that legal proceedings have given us new information on exactly what’s going on with Dorit and PK, and it seems sketchy. As Bethenny Frankel would say, let’s mention it all.

Before I get to the new news, let’s go into the background of what’s been going on. Years ago, Dorit’s husband Paul Kemsley (PK) received a loan of $1.2 million from a man named Nicos Kirzis. PK has had lots of shady financial situations in the past, but for today, we’re just focusing on the fallout from this loan. In 2013, PK filed for bankruptcy in the UK, where he’s from. One of the main reasons people file for bankruptcy is that their debts are usually erased, but PK didn’t list Nicos Kirzis as one of his creditors in the bankruptcy filing. Therefore, that specific debt wasn’t actually affected. Whether this was an accidental oversight or something purposeful, it seems like PK done f*cked up.

In 2016, a judge in New York ruled that PK needs to pay Kirzis the $1.2 million, and last year, Kirzis filed to have that judgment applied in California, where the Kemsleys now live. In the 2018 documents, Kirzis noted that PK had paid him $250,000, but this apparently only covered the interest on the initial loan. Given the amount of this loan, I’ve got to wonder why Fofty wasn’t involved in recouping the money.

The first details about the loan from Kirzis and the subsequent judgment against PK came out in January of this year, but now action is finally being taken on the case. This week, a judge froze a bank account in Dorit and PK’s names, forbidding them from touching the money until the case is finally settled. According to The BlastDorit claims that the $29,000 in the account is solely her money, and has nothing to do with her husband, but she reportedly hasn’t been able to prove this.

Then, last month, reports surfaced that Dorit and PK were ordered to submit detailed financial records to a California court, so it seems like the legal system is getting serious about settling this situation. Dorit and PK are currently scheduled to appear in court in September, so it’s likely that the account will remain frozen until then, when a decision is made about whether their assets will be seized.

I don’t have as many problems with Dorit as many RHOBH viewers do, but it’s been clear for some time that her lavish lifestyle doesn’t quite add up. Just last year, PK also faced a case regarding millions of dollars he owed The Bellagio, and it’s unclear how much he had to pay out to settle that. Dorit and PK’s monstrous Beverly Hills house is currently for sale, and while Dorit claims on the show that they want a bigger yard for the kids, the whole thing stinks of money troubles. I’m not judging, just observing.

Me when Dorit shows up to every lunch in a new Balenciaga outfit:

Seriously, listening to her gloss over any issues with her and husband is almost as ridiculous as her fake British accent.

Dorit hasn’t made any comments about these latest developments, which isn’t that surprising, given that we’re dealing with an active legal case. PK however, reposted a meme from Instagram account Tank Sinatra on Friday, making fun of the situation they’re in right now:

The caption on this photo is definitely supposed to make us think that this whole story is being blown out of proportion, but I don’t really trust anything PK has to say. We’ve watched him and his wife parade around their wealth for three years on RHOBH, so one little meme isn’t going to make this all go away.

The reunion for this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills starts next week, so I’ll be curious to see whether any of these financial issues are brought up. I’m not very hopeful, but Lisa Vanderpump won’t even be there, so they have to talk about something. It might be a while before we know all the details about how deep Dorit and PK’s financial secrets go, but like they say on Real Housewives, the truth always comes out.

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Dylan Hafer
Dylan Hafer
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