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Fans Are Actually Questioning If Taylor Cheated On Joe With Matty...

Okay, fans have a LOT of questions after hearing Taylor’s new song, “Guilty As Sin?” from The Tortured Poets Department. I swear this whole Joe and Matty triangle situation gets more and more confusing by the lyric. The Swifties came to this album expecting 16 songs about post-Joe depression, and instead, we’re mostly hearing a ton of new information about Matty, who we previously erased from our memory. “Guilty As Sin?” might just tell a story about both of the British men. In this wild track, Taylor sings about being with someone but full-on fantasizing about someone else. Honestly, it’s giving major Eternal Sunshine vibes in a fun way.

Blondie is wondering out loud if thoughts alone can be bad if you don’t act on them. It’s a valid question! She even mentions her crush writing his name on her upper thigh. I’m kind of deceased. This is low-key musical drama at its finest. God, I love this woman. So what does “Guilty As Sin?” tell us about Taylor possibly cheating on Joe with Matty? We need to get into this right away.

Did Taylor Have Feelings For Matty While She Was With Joe?


this is either a hilarious comittment to the bit, super romantic, or my worst nightmare! #the1975tiktok #taylorswift #mattyhealy1975 #swifttok #mattyhealyedit #taylorandmatty

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This is maybe the most scandalous Taylor we’ve ever gotten, my goodness. With lyrics like “These fatal fantasies / Giving way to labored breath / Taking all of me / We’ve already done it in my head,” fans are thinking it’s a possibility. She also literally compares her relationship with Joe to being in a cage: “My boredoms bone deep / This cage was once just fine / Am I allowed to cry? / I dream of cracking locks / Throwing my life to the wolves.” And that she kind of did. Wow. It does seem like Joe just wasn’t doing it for her and she needed someone a little more… exciting.

What Was The Timeline Of Taylor’s Breakup With Joe And The Start Of Her Romance With Matty?

A question a lot of the internet is asking themselves right about now. Reports of Taylor and Joe’s breakup surfaced on April 8, 2023. Of course, we don’t exactly when they actually broke up, but that’s when the news came out. Then, the public found out about Taylor’s new fling (or evidently verrrry serious relationship) with the 1975 singer in May when he attended the Eras Tour in Nashville. At the time, people did comment that it was a fast turnaround, considering the Joe relationship was six years. Listen… women can do no wrongs in my eyes. And theories are just theories anyway!

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