Dean Unglert Is Dating Someone From 'The Bachelor' Franchise

I’ll say this once: If you don’t want to read spoilers, kindly close out of this article. Okay, now can I safely assume everybody here knows exactly what they’re getting themselves into? Great. Let’s continue. According to Perez Hilton, professional fuckboy Dean Unglert is dating Lesley Murphy from The Bachelor. 

If you don’t remember because why would you, Lesley competed on Sean’s season of The Bachelor. She recently got a double mastectomy after testing for the BRCA 2 gene, so this woman is a badass. If there’s anyone who will force Dean to snap out of his fuckboyish ways, I’m betting it’s Lesley. Like, this woman cut off her own breasts—I’m sure she’d have no problem cutting Dean off if he even tried to pull some shady bullshit on her like he did with Danielle and Kristina.

Dean and Lesley are both appearing on The Bachelor Winter Games, which is likely how they met. Perez Hilton reports they were spotted holding hands at a Sundance Film Festival party on Friday. Perez also says that Dean and Lesley “weren’t supposed to be in public together yet.” If that’s true, then I would think they’re both about to get hit with a casual lawsuit, because as we’ve previously learnedThe Bachelor does not play around when it comes to their contracts. I just like to think that somewhere, Chris Harrison is screaming into his phone, “They weren’t supposed to be in public together yet!!” and then slamming it into the receiver. (In my hypothetical scenario, Chris Harrison has a bright red landline phone.) 

E! News reports that Dean is “really happy” with Lesley, and he even said their relationship is exclusive. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be checking out Kristina’s Instagram to see if she’s posted any selfies with inspirational quotes lately. I’m betting I’ll find no less than three.

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