Dating App Pictures Guys Don't Want To See (And What Will Get You A Match)

Glory be to dating apps, the only way to find love without having to change out of pajamas. Life is hectic af, and you ain’t got time to meet every damn person in person. But if you’re going to make dating apps your primary source for suitors, you gotta come correct, and nothing is more important than your profile pics. They say a picture says a thousand words, and there’s nowhere that’s more accurate than on dating apps. Charge the iPhones, clean the cameras, it’s time to run down the dos and don’ts of dating app pictures. (And you’ll notice I didn’t include anything about group pictures, because if you don’t know at this point that we don’t want to play Where’s Waldo on your dating profile, then I can’t help you.)

Don’t Have A Picture Of Something That’s Not You

Are you Chris Pratt? Then don’t have three separate shots of him squinting seductively into the camera. (Before any of you comment, yes, I have literally seen this.) Look. It’s great that you love Parks and Rec, but I should find that out from reading your profile, not swiping through your photos. You’ve only got so many pictures to make an impression, so don’t waste one on a Friends meme. There are far better ways to convey your personality, like…

Do Have Pics Of You Doing A Hobby

Do you spend your whole life in your bedroom? Cuz that’s exactly what the guy is going to think if all you have on your profile are mirror selfies. Instead, include a couple pics of you doing your favorite hobbies like boxing, surfing, skee-balling, lion taming, etc. That way, those who come across your profile know that you live a fun, well-balanced lifestyle that they’d be lucky to be a part of. It also serves as a great conversation starter so the other person is more likely to message you first with something other than the dreaded “hey.”

Don’t Be Wasted In Your Photos

Plenty of guys want to date a girl who likes to throw a few back and have a good time. A picture of you holding a watermelon margarita at dinner or raising a glass of Champagne at a wedding is adorable. A picture of you ripping handle pulls of Svedka in a sticky dorm room while bleary-eyed idiots cheer you on is not so adorable. Don’t get me wrong, I will go shot for shot with you at the club and dance my ass off on a level that would embarrass Cardi B, but neither one of us needs that photographic evidence. Save the plastered pics for Snapchat—that’s what it’s for.

Do Smile

Just because the Kardashians don’t smile doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. That was a lot of negatives in one sentence, I know. What I’m trying to say is nothing is sexier than a smile. It seems like there’s a weird trend going around where girls think the only acceptable expression to have in a picture is pouting, smirking, or sticking your tongue out. No one wants to go on a date with a girl who already looks like she’s annoyed with them. There are a million songs written about a smile and exactly zero about a frowning duck face. Flash that porcelain!