Cute Texting Gloves That Actually Work

In today’s world, where we’re all glued to our phones (shoutout to iPhone’s latest update for informing me of exactly how many hours per week I’ve wasted), winter becomes a huge bummer. Not only because it’s f*cking cold out, but also because when you’re actually outside in the cold, you can’t even entertain yourself by responding to the group chat. So like, not only am I cold and miserable, but I’m cold, miserable, and f*cking bored. Among other recent inventions that solve millennial’s first world problems, like hangover patches and selfie sticks, there are now texting gloves that work on your touch screens. However, for a while, these gloves were only available in ugly AF styles. But not anymore. You don’t have to wear fugly gloves that will clash with your adorbs puffer coat just so you can scroll through Insta while waiting for the subway. Instead, get one of these cute tech-friendly pairs and scroll on, but in style.

1. Free People Ladies First Velvet Buckle Glove

These gloves have a very regal Lisa Vanderpump vibe that I’m here for, especially in the rose color that they’re also available in. The statement colors of these gloves are chic AF and will look super glam with all your winter coats. Basically, to the mere mortal eye, you’ll look super classy while texting in these. Little do they know that you’re actually texting your besties about how blackout you’re going to get this weekend. Hey, you can’t judge a book by its cover.

2. Urban Outfitters Knit Texting Glove

These gloves are simple, cute, and will pair seamlessly with all your winter jackets. Their textured knit elevates them from those ugly plain texting gloves your Grandma is always trying buy you from Kohl’s. And, at their affordable price, you could totally keep a pair in your purse or fracket (aka frat jacket) and not have to stress if you end up losing them. So like, they’re great for when you’re waiting outside for the bouncer to understand that yes, this is your ID, you just happen to be on your fourth duplicate. I mean, I never claimed to be the most responsible drunk person. Or, for when you’re waiting for that over-confident frat pledge to let you into the party. Then again, if you’re still going to frat parties, you’re probably not also someone who’s shopping for texting gloves. No offense, we’ve all been there.

3. Lululemon Cross Chill Run Gloves

These gloves from Lululemon have a bit more of a sporty vibe than the aforementioned pairs. But, with their cute herringbone print, they’re still an amazingly stylish option. Plus, since they’re from Lulu (and meant for crazy people who like, actually go for runs in the cold) you know they’ll def be able to keep your hands warm. So like, if you really wanted to, you could text while on your run…but like, who wants to do that? No, like, the running part. Not the texting part.

Our world has come a long way (relative) and so have our texting gloves. Sorry Grams, you can keep that fugly pair from Kohl’s, or like give it to one of my less stylish cousins or something. I’ve got better options.

Images: Shutterstock; Free People; Urban Outfitters; Lululemon
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Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick
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