Cute Lightweight Sweaters That Won't Make You Sweat

Everyone loves fall, and everyone loves a good fall sweater. Well, mostly everyone. Some of us (yes, me) seem to be going through early menopause on a daily basis. You know, like having random hot flashes and just casually sweating all the time??? Fun stuff. Therefore, although a sweater looks cute and cozy while I’m getting ready in the morning, by midday, I feel like I’m suffocating. And, not be dramatic or anything, but feel like I’m slowly losing oxygen by the minute. However, there IS a solution for all of us Sweaty Bettys out there who still want to embrace all of the cute and trendy fall sweaters. We, too, can take Instagram-worthy “candids” in cable knit sweaters while holding pumpkin spice lattes, just like all those other girls! We will no longer be personally victimized by suffocating sweaters! The solution: lightweight sweaters.

Ladies, help me, help you. No one needs you turning into the Incredible Hulk midday of your 9-5 and manically tearing off your sweater. That’s just a HR nightmare waiting to happen, and you don’t need that kind of drama in your life. I’ve found five styles of lightweight sweaters that are a lot more breathable than the average sweater, so that you don’t have to be the office hoe.

Don’t be this girl:

1. Open Knit

Open knit sweaters are the definition of lightweight sweaters. The loosely knit structure of the sweater means that air can still flow through, keeping you breezy throughout the day. Basically, wear one of these sweaters and you won’t feel like you’re in one of those sweat lodge space suit things the second it gets a little warm.

Free People Beach Comber V-Neck Sweater

Lovers + Friends Jaz Pullover

Verge Girl Satisfaction Knit

Free People Infinite V Neck Sweater

2. Open Back

When we start to get hot, one of the first places most of us start to sweat is our back. Therefore, a sure way to eliminate this from happening is to wear a sweater with an open back. I know, I’m like, so smart, right? The open back obviously allows for easy air flow, plus you won’t be obsessing over whether everyone can see your gross sweat stains. Win-win. 

About Us Cheryl Open Back Sweatshirt

Lovers + Friends Crew Neck Sweater

Lovers + Friends Amelia Sweater

3. Off The Shoulder

Off the shoulder sweaters are great because they allow you to wear a sweater without feeling like your sweater has the hidden agenda of killing you slowly. There’s nothing worse than when you’re wearing a turtleneck and, all of a sudden, you start slightly sweating, and then omg, is this turtleneck getting tighter? Is this thing trying to choke me?? Omg, am I going to suffer death-by-turtleneck???? The panic of being overheated while wearing a turtleneck is what I imagine it feels like to be a manic Bachelor in Paradise contestant who just got dumped and is desperately trying to find a new rose to stay on the show. All while sweating profusely on national television. Anyway, here are some cute off the shoulder lightweight sweaters.

Neely Off The Shoulder Long Sleeve Knit Sweater

Tularosa Provo Sweater

Tularosa Braid Sweater

Lovers + Friends Sheer Sweater

4. Cropped

Cropped sweaters are a great option for fall, because the silhouette allows for some midriff breathability. Although the downside is that they do require abs amidst a winter-bod-mode mindset, and probs some good self-tanner, too. I recommend wearing a cropped sweater with some high waisted pants so that you just show a sliver of skin—just enough to just keep you cool. And also so you don’t get called into HR for having your belly button ring stick out. 

Lovers + Friends Rex Sweater

Free People Shades Of Dawn Pointelle Pullover

ASTR The Label Carly Crop Sweater

Topshop Pointelle Crop Sweater

5. Distressed

Distressed clothing has been vvv trendy for the past few seasons now, and continues to be for fall. Not only is it trendy, but it also allows for air flow and is a go-to breathable sweater option. You don’t need to go all Yeezy-level distressed though to get some extra breathability. A few subtle rips and tears is all you need to ensure you’re sweat-free!

Black Widow Ribbed Top

Lovers + Friends Prospect Sweater

27 miles malibu Evelyn Distressed Crew Neck Sweater

AG Finn Distressed Sweater

It’s never cute to be the girl sweating, especially when you look like the girl who is trying to be cute but is totally being curbed by her incessant sweating. Nothing says effortless LESS than the girl dripping through her fall ~lewk~. Fortunately, you don’t have to be that girl, as long as you get one of these lightweight sweaters.

Images: Unsplash / @brookecagle; GIPHY; Revolve (11); South Moon Under (2); Nordstrom (3); Free People; Princess Polly; Verge Girl
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Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick
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