Corinne Speaks On The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Scandal

All right, everybody, I’ll skip the lofty introductions and get right to the point. We’ve been waiting for details about what happened between Corinne and DeMario on Bachelor in Paradise. New reports have emerged about the allegations and it’s pretty much the worst-case scenario: Corinne claims she did not consent to the alleged sexual activity with DeMario. Sources close to Corinne say the famous napper was “in a blackout state” when she and DeMario started hooking up and she claims to remember nothing. She’s reportedly upset at producers for not pulling the plug and protecting her.

Corinne’s sources told TMZ, “several cast members told her they had voiced concern to people on the production crew that she was in no position to consent to sexual activity, but the crew did not heed their warnings.” Production sources refute that claim to TMZ and insist “other cast members did not complain to anyone,” even though PEOPLE reported multiple cast members tried to speak up and are upset the producers didn’t intervene… but sure, let’s go ahead and believe that the people who need to cover their own asses rn truly had no knowledge of what was going on.

Corinne’s sources added, “Corinne has told her friends she has a boyfriend and wouldn’t have done what she did—especially with cameras rolling—to jeopardize that relationship.” According to TMZ, “Corrine [sic] doesn’t fully blame DeMario because he too was drunk. She blames producers and has lawyered up.”

One thing’s for certain: This is a fucking mess. Buckle up, because this is about to be every highly publicized college campus sexual assault case times 50. We’re about to see it all: victim-blamers, rape apologists, racists, feminists, skeptics. You name it, everybody’s going to come out of the woodwork. The other thing that is for certain is that the producers really fucked up. I mean, even the concept of having a bunch of horny drunk singles marooned on an island for the (almost) express purpose of hooking up on camera is pretty fucked—you’re not exactly starting with the foundations of active consent. Not to mention, this was almost exactly the plot of a Law & Order: SVU episode, so if Dick Wolf has thought of it, the ABC producers should have been on their guard 100% to prevent Bachelor in Paradise from turning into an episode of SVU.

Once again for the people in back, although sickening, these reports have not been fully confirmed. This definitely won’t be our final update, so stay tuned for more on this developing shit show situation.