How to Pull Off The TikTok Viral Coastal Cowgirl Trend Without Looking Cringe

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Last summer, TikTok’s ~coastal grandma~ aesthetic transformed every Gen Zer with an FYP into something straight out of a Nancy Meyers movie. Suddenly, Diane Keaton and the Barefoot Contessa were Hollywood “It” girls?? And while the viral trend has hardly vanished from social media entirely, the linen pants and L.L. Bean totes have taken a backseat. ICYMI, the cool kids on the clock app have ditched their Ralph Lauren for a sister style: coastal cowgirl. 

Now before you panic order like a Bachelor star shopping for Stagecoach (you get it), let’s delve a little deeper. The coastal cowgirl trend incorporates the same breezy, cool girl vibe but with a definitively western edge. Think: flowy silhouettes, worn-in denim, belt buckles, western hats, and cowboy boots, of course. The hashtag in and of itself has a whopping 62.5 million views and an online following that can’t get enough. “This has been me my whole life,” one user wrote on TikTok. “So happy we have an official name for it!” Another user chimed in, “I’m just gonna dedicate my life to the coastal cowgirlies now.” 

And while, sure, I might be the only New York gal bopping down Broadway with Luke Combs bumping in my Airpods, at least I’m no longer the only one strutting the sidewalks of NYC in Tecovas (I blame my University of Missouri education for that one, BTW). There is, however, a fine line between coastal cowgirl and that cringe 2016 Coachella era. (You remember the crochet and faux suede fringe? *shudder.*)

Here’s how to shop the trend without looking cringe: 

First thing’s first, invest in cowboy boots

Shop it: The Annie, $295, Tecovas

The key to any coastal cowgirl ‘fit is a good pair of cowboy boots. And while, personally, I love a worn-in vintage pair, we don’t all have the time (or, ahem, patience) to troll the local thrift store. Now when I tell you these Tecovas are equal parts cool and comfy, believe me—I wore them for the first time at an all-day music fest and survived without a single blister. 

You can’t go wrong with a good pair of denim cutoffs


Shop it: AGOLDE Criss Cross Short, $178, Revolve

Every slay-worthy coastal cowgirl look needs a dash of denim—Vintage Levi’s, a mini skirt, or these AGOLDE criss cross jean shorts that legit look good on everyone. Toss on a white tank, your boyfriend’s oversized button down, and a pair of cowboy boots with these bad boys. 

Oversized button ups are a big yes


Shop it: Cotton Poplin Shirt, $24.99, H&M

Speaking of button ups, if you didn’t invest in a version already (it was prob part of your coastal grandma wardrobe, TBH) then it’s time to stock your closet. This H&M Cotton Poplin shirt is perfectly oversized and comes in four different colors. And while you didn’t ask for my opinion, I’m going to give it to you anyways: The pink and white stripes is your best bet. Buy her, love her, cherish her. 

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize


Shop it: Silk Scarf, $11.99, Amazon

The easiest way to give your coastal grandma threads a yeehaw makeover? Accessorize. Think about a belt with western flare or opt for these luxe-looking (but super affordable) bandanas off Amazon. 

That Ralph Lauren sweater might still come in handy


Shop it: Polo Ralph Lauren American Flag Cotton Crewneck Sweater, $398, Bloomingdales

So you’ve still got that American flag knit from last summer? Good. Toss her on with a pair of cutoffs and your cowboy boots for an easy take on the trend. You can even layer over a slip dress to elevate the look. 

Cute summer dresses are essential


Shop it: Baby’s Breath Slip Dress, $159, For Love And Lemons

To avoid looking like a washed up country music star—that’s most definitely not the goal—summer dresses and feminine silhouettes are pretty key. Silk slips and easy, linen minis are perfect for your starter pack. Case in point: this Baby’s Breath iteration from For Love & Lemons that’s basically begging to be paired with a western boot. 

I promise, you can pull off the cowboy hat

coastal cowgirl cat

Shop it: Lack Of Color The Desert Cowboy, $149, Revolve

When I say I’m not a hat person, I mean that any attempt at wearing a ball cap ends with me looking like a young school boy. Cowboy hats, on the other hand, are a whole different story. And while I know your urban upbringing may have spooked you from styling ‘em in the past, hear me out: You can do it. Toss it on with a bikini for the beach or maybe that girly girl dress you just bought.

But maybe try a trucker hat too


Shop it: Cowboys Cry Hat, $25, Bottom Shelf

Since I wouldn’t necessarily pair the cowboy boots with a cowboy hat (remember, we’re not trying to look like Shania Twain… no offense, Shania Twain, ILY), swap out the latter for a cheeky trucker hat instead.

Megan Schaltegger
Megan Schaltegger
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