7 TikTok Aesthetics We'd Actually Like To See

If TikTok has taught us anything (besides like, how to make banana bread), it’s that when it comes to personal style, the more niche you get, the better. Gone are the days of just identifying as “preppy,” “boho,” or “emo.” Now, it’s all about the hyper-specific aesthetic, the verbal mood board that dictates your clothes, makeup, and overall vibe.

Your TikTok feed is likely full of OOTDs from creators sporting ‘fits that give popular aesthetics like Horse Girl, Coastal Grandma, and Plazacore. And while these looks all slay in their own special way, despite their offbeat names, they’re pretty much mainstream by now. The real fashion girlies know that if you’re going to be trendy on TikTok, you’ve got to set the trends, not just follow them.

Luckily, anyone can say pretty much anything on TikTok—which, yes, is highly problematic, but in this very specific case, it’s a good thing. It means we all have the power to start trends and coin the terms that describe them (sorry, Miranda Priestly, you have no power here). And you know what? It’s high time we use this power to create the aesthetics we wish to see in the world. Here are some TikTok aesthetic trends we need to see—and if anyone takes our advice and goes viral for it, please remember me when the sponcon deals roll in.

Recession Chic 

Everyone keeps talking about how we’re heading for another financial crisis, and TBH, I don’t think we’re doing enough to prepare for this—aesthetically, I mean. The 2008 recession heavily impacted the fashion industry, with the masses spending significantly less on clothes and retailers slashing prices. The resulting stylistic shift was obvious as the blinged-out excessiveness of the early 2000s gave way to modern minimalism. So put those Y2K bandage dresses up on Depop and block Revolve from your IG feed, because we’re going for sensible shoes and thrifted tees from here on out. 


Didn’t you hear? We’re all re-watching Girls, and we’re being a lot nicer to them this time around—specifically, the universally panned antihero everyone loved to hate, Hannah Horvath. Jessa may have been best known for her carefree, boho style and later-seasons Shoshanna absolutely slayed with her Tokyo-inspired chicness, but it’s time to give Hannah’s messy, chaotic fits their flowers. Her just-threw-this-together ensembles rarely worked, but that’s the point. We’re not conforming to anyone else’s ideas of what fashion is anymore. So wear that see-through mesh tank top, rock the ill-fitting fruit-patterned cardigans. Or just go into a Brooklyn thrift shop, close your eyes, and put on whatever you bump into. So quirky! 

Mint Chocolate Chip Girl 

The more colorful answer to the Vanilla Girl aesthetic, Mint Chocolate Chip Girl still touts the basic b*tch necessities you’ve come to love, but with the addition of brighter pastels and funkier patterns. Think a checkered-print fuzzy sweater paired with a lilac trouser, a swath of magenta lip gloss the only pop of color against a glowy, barely-there makeup look. She’s still that girl, just more fun.

Bakery BB

We all know the grungily cool but also kind of b*tchy Bushwick Barista. Now meet their soft-smiling second cousin, the Bakery BB. This aesthetic is a lot of comfort sprinkled with thoughtful touches of femininity, like a flour-dusted sweatshirt paired with a lace-trimmed headband that once belonged to your grandma. The only thing sweeter than Bakery BB is the pain au chocolat she’s pulling out of the oven.


Soccer players have always been some of the low-key coolest of all the athletes, and the pop culture world has finally caught up. Ted Lasso and Yellowjackets are dominating the TV world, though for very different reasons, and USWNT absolutely refuses to stop being the GOAT of the pro sports world. If there ever was a time to don your favorite “football” jersey and rock some sweatbands on your wrists, it is now. We’re bypassing athleisure and going straight for athletic gear, baby.

Crossword Grandpa

Anti-aging is out. Becoming an endearingly crotchety old man who always keeps a sharpened golf pencil in the front pocket of your checkered shirt is in. You don’t have to literally do crosswords to achieve this aesthetic—you could tinker with model sailboats or putter around your kitchen trying new chili recipes. Whatever your little hobby of choice is, just commit to something you enjoy and let it become your whole, adorable personality.

Literally Just A Towel

We’ve already established that sitting in your towel for an hour after you take a shower is a universal experience, and it deserves to finally be celebrated. I’m not talking Clean Girl aesthetic here—I’m talking stringy hair, with last night’s mascara giving you racoon eyes as you stare off into space and ponder life’s greatest mysteries. Because if anything can be an aesthetic these days, we might as well make them relatable.

Image credits: TikTok/@candidlychan, TikTok/@kylazingaround, TikTok @preppyinpearlsblog

Lexi Williams
Lexi Williams
Lexi Williams always wanted to be famous, but writing articles on the internet turned out to be more fun. As a Brooklyn-based writer and editor, she tries to avoid being a cliche, but can't help it that she loves pizza, wine, and her dog, Benji.