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Charity Lawson Is Most Likely To Psychoanalyze Her Own Dates

If you want to date Bachelorette Charity Lawson, don’t even think about buying her Mickey Mouse ears. “I am not a Disney adult!!” she bravely tells Betches. But it’s not that she doesn’t want them; she already has them. “Okay, I do have mouse ears… I feel like I’m in the middle, but I am not an extreme fanatic.” 

The Georgia native stopped by the Betches office for what she thought was going to be a chill interview, which ended up turning into a 45-minute discussion dedicated entirely to Brayden’s earrings, plus a Disney villain-edition of fuck, marry, kill. But before we get there, Charity must answer one very pressing question: Does she really want to “move to Disney World one day” like her ABC bio claims?? 

“Not true,” Charity tells cohosts Jared Freid and Kay Brown about her alleged Disney obsession while appearing on an episode of Betches’ The Betchelor podcast. “That never came out of my mouth. I’ve been to Disney World plenty of times, I will say that, but to move there, to live there, no way.” Thank fucking god we cleared this up. 

Charity, who is NOT and NEVER WAS a full-fledged Disney adult, is still getting used to life in the public eye. “It’s definitely been an adjustment,” she explains. “I forget sometimes my life before this was completely normal, and now ,I know it’s probably not gonna be the same.”

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Charity isn’t quite sure what her legacy after the show will be (apart from NOT being the adult Disney Bachelorette), but she is well aware of what people thought of her after dating Zach. “Everyone was like, she cries too much or she’s boring. I’m boring because you didn’t see my personality… you haven’t sat down with me, so you don’t know me … I know at my core who I am, so it’s just a matter of time for that to come out.” 

Now, as the show’s lead, Charity tries not to read everything everyone says about her on the internet since there’s bound to be something that will “piss [her] off.” (Don’t worry, not this article or podcast, bb.) However, we all agree most of the Bachelorette-related Google searches these days aren’t even about Charity… they’re about Brayden’s feather earrings.

“Initially, I was not mad about it because they started off very small, so I was like, okay, this is his way of expressing, he’s accessorizing, he’s having fun,” Charity says of Brayden’s, um, extensive jewelry collection. “But every time I talked to him, every earring just grew… they just kept getting bigger. They just kept expanding, and I was like, ‘What’s happening?!’” 

Will Charity fall in love with Brayden and his earrings? Will they honeymoon in Disney?? Will Charity actually just move in with Kay York City and be best friends/LA roomies??? Listen to The Betchelor’s full interview for more of Charity’s thoughts on her season, and scroll down for her induction into the Hall of Betches… even if she is deep, deep down, a Disney adult. (We love you, Charity!!!)


Charity Lawson 

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What was your go-to lunch when you were a kid?

CL: PB&J, easily, and then I always had Cheetos. I am a fiend for Cheetos. Cannot miss it. Can’t go a moment without it. And then I loved a good fruit snack, like Welch’s, or just even the ones that were the Disney ones. I always ran when I went to the grocery store and grabbed those.

Wow, what an A+ lunch. What was your favorite childhood movie that you probably watched a hundred times?

CL: Okay, here we are, Disney adult taking over. I’ll have to say, I love Cinderella. Cinderella was everything to me.

Okay so you ARE a Disney adult… but also a true romantic.

CL : Hopeless romantic was developing then.

What was your biggest fashion regret as a kid?

CL: Oh my goodness. I don’t know if this is worldwide, but when I was in elementary school/middle school, we had these purses that we made out of Capri Sun. Would I ever carry it today? No. 

Those were iconic. What was the most mortifying moment from your childhood that still haunts you to this day?

CL: My crush at the time, I was at a baseball game and I had my shorts on backwards, but he was the one who came up to me and told me that my shorts were on backwards. It wasn’t like denim shorts, so it’s not like the pockets were on the front. They were like athletic shorts.

WELP, mortifying is right. Okay, if you were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring one celebrity with you, who would it be and why?

CL: Michael B. Jordan, because he’s my celebrity crush. Why not? He can do a lot of things for me.

Well, I mean, that’s a great one. Have you ever accidentally liked an ex’s post while stalking their social media?

CL: Sure have.

How’d you handle it?

CL: Just unlike immediately. Yeah, it didn’t happen.

Who did that? Not me.

CL: Hopefully they don’t see the notification.


Yeahhh not sure if i could get down with the no pets. Catch The Bachelorette’s @charitylawson on the latest episode of The Betchelor podcast! #charitylawson #thebachelorette #bacheloretteabc #charitybachelorette

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What kind of things do you write in your notes app?

CL: Everything. I literally have appointments in there. Just things that I’m randomly thinking of. I have baby names in there. Trips planned. It’s insane. Everything is in there.

Can you share a baby name?

CL: So Zion is one for a girl, and then I like Reign for a girl. It’s like a unisex name.

Great. Now we know your baby names! Do you have a group chat with your friends? What’s it called? 

CL: I have so many group chats. So the one from some of the girls from last season, it’s called “It Is What It Is.” And I think it became a motto for us to carry us through the season. There’s one with my hometown friends, and I didn’t come up with this, but they call it the CL fan club. So it’s like my initials and then fan club, which is ridiculous, but yeah, it’s cute.

You’re like, “That wasn’t my idea, but I don’t mind it!!” Are you having fun or are you bored with us yet?

CL: No, I love you guys. The energy’s great. I have had the best time. Truly love y’all.

Thank god. And what should we make the headline of this article?

CL: Charity Lawson…is the queen of hearts. 

…Or a Disney adult. 


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