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Bre Tiesi Is Most Likely To Go Through The Taco Bell Drive-Through After Eating At Nobu

Somehow, Bre Tiesi looks the same as she does on Instagram IRL. She’s like a walking filter; it’s kind of insane. She sat down in the Betches office with a Megan Fox-inspired hair style — thrown on top of her head in a way that makes me question whether it took five seconds or five hours. Either way, it’s painfully cool. 

The model-turned-real-estate-agent’s personality powered Netflix’s Selling Sunset season 6, and she’s comin’ back for more. Season 7 returns on November 3 and there will be no shortage of drama — so long as Bre is involved. 



Image Credit: Betches

Okay, so my first question, what was your go-to lunch when you were a kid?

Oh my God, my go-to lunch. Probably Lunchables. The pizza one. I liked the ham and cheese one, too.

What is your death row meal?

Fuck. Probably, Nobu.

When you think back to when you were a kid, what is your biggest fashion regret?

Everything. I had no fashion as a kid. I looked like a boy. I was a tomboy … My mom would try to dress me like I was a Barbie, so therefore I tried to be a boy.

A rebel from the get-go. Are there any trends though from your childhood that you would like to see make a comeback?

I like the low rise and the Juicy suits, but I feel like those already made a comeback. I feel like those are really the only good things we had.

If you could have a dream dinner party with a group celebrities, dead or alive, who would be there?

Ooh. Well, Beyoncé of course. I’m obsessed with Eminem. He has to be there. I would want Marilyn Monroe. I would want probably Anna Nicole Smith. She seems like a fun time. 

Okay, be honest: How often do you Google yourself?

Never. I don’t want to see any of that. Unless,I’m really looking for something. If I’m looking for a photo from somewhere that I wanted, that’s it. Getty is the only thing you want to go to, and sometimes you don’t even want to see those.

Fair. What is the last thing you searched on the internet?

Probably this dumpling place. Last night we had Chinese food. It was dumpling something, while we were getting tattoos.

Oh, nice. What did you get a tattoo of?

My son’s name. 

Omg wow, that already healed nicely. Next, what kind of things do you write in your notes app on your phone?

The wildest shit ever. My to-do list. Things I want to bring up to argue about. Different makeup, things I see, songs I hear, song lyrics that I want to use for captions. It’s a big one for me. Things for my son. My notes are pretty wild. They’re all over the place.

Ooooo are there any song lyrics that you could share that you have saved for a caption?

I think all of them are bougie as fuck. I think that they were all like… Oh, my God, what was the last one I did? I feel like it’s all like Doja Cat or Meg Thee Stallion. More like cocky, arrogant. Just the fun ones.

Last question, what should we make the headline of this article? If you could pick your own headline.

Don’t let me pick anything. 

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Steph Perlman
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