Flip Flops Are Kind Of Gross TBH, But These 9 Are Actually Cute

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Picture this: It’s a scorching summer day, the sun is blazing, and you’re desperately seeking footwear that’s comfortable, not ugly, and a dash of “I’m on vacation, b*tches!” Enter flip flops, the quintessential summer shoes that are loved and loathed in equal measure. Let’s be real, they’ve earned a reputation for being the footwear equivalent of a questionable decision made after a few too many margaritas.

But, hold up. Before you dismiss flip flops as the go-to choice for questionable hygiene and fashion faux pas, we’ve got some news for you. Our team has embarked on a mission to change your perspective on these humble soles and prove that not all flip flops are created equal.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: “Aren’t flip flops basically a slip-and-slide for germs?” Well, we won’t deny that they can be a breeding ground for questionable foot hygiene. But fear not, here lies a carefully curated selection of flip flops that defy the gross stereotypes. These babies are about to revolutionize the way you view this beloved summer staple.

From flip flops that keep your feet fresh with built-in odor-fighting technology to the ones that give you a grip so secure you’ll feel like you can run in ’em, we’ve got it all covered. Prepare to meet flip flops that are worth wearing every day, with plush materials that make your feet feel like they’re on a first-class flight to cloud nine. And for the environmentally conscious betches, we’ve uncovered sustainable options that allow you to strut your stuff guilt-free.

But, it doesn’t stop there. These t flip flops are perfect for adventurers, jet-setters, lazy Sunday loungers, and fashion girlies alike. Whether you’re embarking on a wild summer escapade or simply want to elevate your athleisure game, these flip flops have got your back…or rather, your feet.

So, forget everything you thought you knew about flip flops, and open your eyes to a world where flip flops are more than just a questionable fashion choice. Trust us, by the end of this article, you’ll be saying, “Okay, maybe they’re not so gross and ugly after all.”

It’s time to flip the script on flip flops and scroll through these nine foot-friendly wonders. Ready to walk the fine line between comfort and style? Dive in and discover the flip flops that prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they’re way cooler than you ever imagined.

1. This trendy pair that are super comfortable














Shop It: Molded Sandal, $68, Skims

2. These comfy platforms that will match everything in your closet

Platform strap sandals - Article without model
















Shop It: Platform Strap Sandal, $70, Mango

3. These dadcore sandals you will absolutely live in
















Shop It: Alohas Overcast Sandal, $165, Anthropologie

4. The ultimate sandal for minimalist girlies


Shop It: Tkees Foundations Matte Flip Flop, $55, Shopbop

5. These classics that will replace your Old Navy flip flops from high school

Dark Gray Slim Flip Flops | Havaianas

Shop It: Havainas Slim Flip Flop, $30, Nordstrom

6. These Costal Grandma gems


Shop It: Easy Summer Flip Flops, $15, J.Crew

7. These comfy green showstoppers

Tory Burch Kira Flip Flop In Bright Clover | ModeSens

Shop It: Kira Flip Flop, $88, Tory Burch

8. These animal print flip flops that are surprisingly neutral

Shop It: Amazon Essentials Women’s Thong Sandal, $14, Amazon

9. The ultimate at-home flip flops that feel like walking on air

Shop It: KIJUKI Pillow Soft Flip Flops, $25, Amazon

Andrea Marie
Andrea Marie