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Betch Dressed of the Week: Ayo Edebiri Is Queen Of The Capsule Wardrobe

Want to know how to dress like a celebrity but don’t have the funds, the stylist, or anywhere particularly glamorous to go? Betch Dressed is your weekly breakdown of the best dressed celebs of 2024. Here you’ll find looks you can *actually* recreate IRL and styles that won’t cost you, like, an entire paycheck. So, I guess you kinda do have a stylist now…you’re welcome. 

In case you forgot about the classic pair of jeans and white button down combo currently collecting dust in your closet, Ayo Edebiri is here to remind you that it exists. Not only is this an effortless uniform fit for your Spring wardrobe rotation but it’s literally one of the easiest outfits to add some personality to. Keep scrolling to get Ayo’s look in three impossibly easy steps.

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Step One: Find the ‘fit

I’m 90% sure that you already have a great pair of denim hanging in your closet so spare yourself the menty b that is jeans shopping. Instead, replace the white button down you’ve likely had since 2015 made business casual appropriate clubbing attire with something you’re not wearing in a Facebook photo dump. Don’t be afraid to add color or a stripe either. Stop overthinking it, I promise a classic silhouette can do the heavy lifting. 

Step Two: Frost yourself

While you don’t ever want to go overboard with accessories, adding some intentional jewelry can make an outfit go from boring AF to something you won’t cringe looking at 3 years from now. Keep things simple like Ayo with a chunky silver something or add a splash of color to make a statement without actually having to, you know, talk.

Step Three: Metallic is the new neutral

Listen, I know Beyoncé officially made silver cool last year but I’ve been seeing metallic slingbacks legit everywhere lately. Just like your favorite pair of studs, they compliment (and elevate) pretty much any outfit. Throw on a pair of the kitten-heeled variety like Ayo and you won’t be complaining in pain all day long. You’re welcome. P.S. Yes, this is your official permission to mix metals.


Abbey Westlin
Abbey Westlin
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