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5 Celebrity Memoirs *Actually* Worth Reading Right Now

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In a world full of celebrity memoirs, let’s face it, not all of them are worth your precious reading time. But fear not, I’ve got your back. I’ve combed through the shelves to bring you the inside scoop on the best celebrity tell-alls that are actually worth flipping open. From Britney Spears’ soul-baring The Woman in Me to Jeanette McCurdy’s emotionally charged I’m Glad My Mom Died, Prince Harry’s surprisingly candid Spare, Michelle Obama’s inspiring Becoming, and Barbra Streisand’s iconic My Name Is Barbra, these memoirs promise more than just juicy gossip–they offer a real, heartfelt connection to the lives behind the headlines.

As you dive into these celebrity stories, get ready to hop on a rollercoaster ride of personal growth, self-discovery, and raw emotions. These memoirs peel back Hollywood’s glitzy curtain and invite you to connect with these A-listers on a human level. Dive in and explore these memoirs that are more than just celebrity fluff–they’re genuinely worth your time.

Best Celebrity Memoirs

The Woman in Me by Britney Spears

Not only does Britney bare her soul in this highly-anticipated book, but it delivers a dose of nostalgia for the early aughts we didn’t know we needed. From vulnerable moments with JT, to the real reason she shaved her head, Britney gives it to us raw and unfiltered.

The Woman In Me

I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy

In this book, Jeanette McCurdy explores the depths of grief and healing as she grows up in the spotlight unlike any way we’ve read before. It keeps you turning the pages and continuously wanting more.

I'm Glad My Mom Died

Spare by Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

Unlike any royal before him, Prince Harry gives you a backstage pass to royal life and his quest for authenticity. Though, hearing him overshare about a certain frostbite incident was not on our 2023 bingo card.

Becoming by Michelle Obama

As the title hints at, Michelle Obama’s Becoming charts an incredible journey from humble beginnings to the White House. Worth every minute away from your screen.


My Name Is Barbra by Barbra Streisand

This long-awaited memoir shares the timeless wisdom of a showbiz legend. It’s not available just yet but you can 100% preorder it so it hits your doorstep ASAP.

My Name Is Barbra


Andrea Marie
Andrea Marie