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The Best And Worst Dressed Stars At The 2024 Oscars

Ah, the Oscars. It’s the final straw of award season and the camel’s back is about to effing break. We’ve suffered through a lot this year, from Taylor Swift’s gown choices that have made me really, really sad to Margot Robbie wearing more pink than anyone ever should, to a series of godawful New Jersey boutique-style prom dresses. Luckily, the Oscars is a classy place, and the stars are showing up and showing out for the last show (mostly). So, before we bid this kind of treacherous award season adieu, let’s get into the best and worst dressed from the 2024 Oscars red carpet.   

The Best And Worst Dressed Stars On 2024 Oscars Red Carpet

Zendaya – Best

zendaya oscars


Margot Robbie – Worst

margot robbie oscars

Go girl, give us nothing!!! Yes, she could be in a dirty potato sack and still look gorgeous, but that’s not the name of this game. This is giving us a big, fat zero in the fashion department.

America Ferrera – Best

america ferrera oscars

After wearing black all award season, this pink Versace dress is earning America a spot on my best list. The chain metal, the hair, the necklace, and the hopeful retirement of this color for the rest of the year has me giddy.

Cynthia Erivo – Best

cynthia erivo oscars

Elphaba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No other notes.

Ariana Grande – Best (I guess?)

ariana grande oscars

And the good witch is doing what she does best: wearing oversized sleeves. She’s leaning all the way into Glinda core. But I do have questions about the nose highlight and the sleeping bag. A weird combo.

Anya Taylor Joy – Worst

Anya Taylor Joy oscars

This physically pains me to type. While it’s possible that my expectations are too high for Anya Taylor Joy, this look is a miss for me. The fabric of this dress is a 12/10 gorgeous, but it kind of swallows her? Regardless, it’s the best of the worst.

Emma Stone – Best

emma stone oscars

If there is anyone who could make me want to wear a peplum shirt to a bar like it’s 2011, it’s Emma Stone. This is my best dressed of the night and I think one of her best looks ever. Regal, elegant, and chic as ever. The surprise low pony in the back took my breath away!

Vanessa Hudgens – Best

96th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
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She literally debuted her baby bump — so that’s an automatic win in my book. Baby V wore a gorgeous black floor-length gown while revealing she’s pregnant with baby No. 1!

Billie Eilish – Worst


I know, I know. This is signature Billie whether I like it or not, but she’s taking this whole sexy librarian who hooks up with Dan Humphry on Gossip-Girl bit a little too far. I will say her hair and makeup looks really great.

Julianne Hough – Worst

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 10: Julianne Hough attends the 96th Annual Academy Awards on March 10, 2024 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)
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This looks like a dress I made out of a top sheet and sparkly headband at sleep-away camp during an evening activity challenge. Let’s pretend we never saw this.

Emily Blunt – Best

emiyl blunt oscars

These shoulders are everything. The neckline pushed away from the body is SICKENING. This dress is Schiaparelli and a major win. Minus the bikini-bottom thing that’s going on, but I’m choosing to overlook that.

Hailee Steinfeld – Worstish, Bestish

hailee steinfeld oscars

I keep writing and deleting what I want to say about this. She looks drop-dead, but this style isn’t my fave? I love the hair, I love the shape of the dress, I love the arm detail, but something is toooooo Grecian, it’s right on the line of being fashion vs costume. Gun to my head, I’m putting in the best category, but that’d really only be to save my life.

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