Who Is Baskin Champion? What We Know About Justin Bieber's New Fling

It’s only been a few days since Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up yet again, but the Biebs is clearly wasting no time on the rebound. While Selena has been spotted on a yacht somewhere in Australia, Justin is already on the quest for new hookups. Justin was spotted hanging out with a new girl named Baskin Champion earlier this week, and we’re already completely fascinated by her. Is Justin just hanging out with her to make Selena jealous? How many days will this last? Will he let her drive his blue Lamborghini? Who is Baskin Champion, and what the fuck kind of name is Baskin Champion? I did a little digging, and this is gonna be fun.

Justin and Baskin Champion were spotted attending a Craig David concert together, and Justin was super into it. He even got on stage at one point, saying that Craig is one of his idols. Ew, like get a room or something. Baskin Champion was probably not super into the concert, but let’s be honest, any 22-year-old model would sit through a boring concert in exchange for a few treasured paparazzi photos with Justin Bieber. It’s like a business transaction really, a true win-win for everyone involved.

So, not that Craig David isn’t super exciting, but let’s get to the important stuff: who is Baskin Champion, and who blackmailed her parents into choosing that name? Seriously, it sounds less like a name than a competition that your local Baskin-Robbins did one summer before Michelle Obama told us we should all start eating vegetables. Like yeah, I pounded all 31 flavors in a month and as a result, I’m the fucking Baskin Champion—they even gave me a punch card for a free Fudgie the Whale. Prestigious stuff.

But now that we’ve roasted her name, who is Baskin Champion, like on a deeper level? She seems like a bucket of fun. She’s 22 years old, which is actually age-appropriate for Justin Bieber, and she’s a model, naturally. She’s a former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie, but I’m obsessed with something a little further down her resume: pageants. She was Miss Alabama Teen USA in 2014, meaning she a) looks amazing in a swimsuit and b) is probably really invested in world peace, like such as in the Iraq. Justin Bieber being with a pageant girl just feels right.

It’s hard to gauge much about Baskin’s actual personality, but you can learn some fun facts about her from watching her pageant interview videos. She studied “apparel design” at Auburn, so she’s basically the Elle Woods of Alabama, except without the law school part. She looooved going to the lake, which makes sense because the lake is the perfect place for underage drinking with zero consequences. Also, the most important rule in her house was “Be GOOD,” which actually stands for God-centered, others-concerned, obedient, and do what’s right. Okay, I think this girl grew up in a cult, and also “others-concerned” sounds very made up. At least she’s a Jesus freak, which is obviously what Justin Bieber is looking for in a woman these days. So glad they can be wholesome together, I love that.

From stalking her on social media, she pretty much seems like another basic blonde girl with a couple hundred thousand Instagram followers. She has an adorable dog named Charlie, she owns a pair of camo pants, and she only posts photos of herself. Par for the course. Her sister Abby, who is also a model, happens to be dating Patrick Schwarzenegger, which is probably how she got introduced to Justin. All the pieces of this puzzle are coming together, and the full picture looks like a relationship that will probably last 4-6 weeks.

So yeah, it seems unlikely that Justin Bieber and Baskin Champion will get married or anything, but everyone needs a rebound at some point. I’m sure Baskin knows exactly what she’s signing up for, which is probably a big boost in Instagram followers and minimal emotional commitment from Justin for about a month. TBH can I sign up for that too? It’s like the Whole30, except not the worst thing ever. Have fun Baskin, but remember that you’re not here to make friends, you’re here to win.

Images: Giphy; @baskinchamp / Instagram (2)

Dylan Hafer
Dylan Hafer
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