The Barbie Gifts Your Kids Will Go ~Wild~ For This Christmas

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Let’s face it: Whether you’re a mom or just auditioning for the coolest auntie of the year, shopping for kids can be *rough*. It feels like they’re constantly inundated with ads for toys that they play with for a week and then get bored with. Keeping their attention is tough, and finding something that’s fun while also being engaging can feel like an impossible task.

Enter: Barbie. You need to be living under a rock to not know that 2023 was the year of everyone’s favorite doll. From her live-action theatrical debut to new TV shows and animated content, Barbie has taken over our feeds and our toy store aisles. And the toy offerings that Barbie is working with this year offer kids more than ever before. Their latest toys are full sensory experiences, giving your child multiple options for imaginative play. 

So, whether you’re shopping for a kid who loves a scented toy, or one who wants to hole up in the Barbie DreamHouse forever, we’ve got you covered. These are the Barbie gifts we’ll be giving the kids in our life this year.

Barbie POP Reveal

This is one toy your kid won’t get tired of playing with. Barbie POP Reveal offers eight (yes, eight!) surprises in one package. Each Barbie has its own unique scent and accessories. Pop the ice cubes to reveal a cute surprise, pop the lid with your straw to release colorful goo, and use cold water to change her hair color and face paint. There are four different dolls — strawberry lemonade, fruit punch, watermelon crush, and grape fizz — and kids will love the option to collect them all. And you? You’ll love how entertained your children will be with just one sensory toy.

Barbie Color Reveal

Reveal more fun with Barbie Color Reveal Totally Denim Series. Each toy comes with six surprises, ranging from matching accessories to makeup and hair color that changes with different water temperatures. Surprise bags reveal unique accessories for your kids to discover and play with, and with five different dolls, each with a unique look, your kid will have fun collecting each and every one. 

Barbie Cutie Reveal

Who doesn’t love adorable animals? Barbie Cutie Reveal comes with her very own plush costume that can be removed to reveal a posable Barbie doll. Along with cute clothing and accessories, Barbie doll’s hair and makeup change with icy cold water. What’s more? Each Barbie comes with a mini version of the animal that matches their costume, and you can open and close the pet’s eyes with icy cold water!

Barbie DreamHouse

The Barbie DreamHouse is officially that much dreamier. With a three-story slide (the biggest they’ve ever made!), 75+ storytelling pieces and 10 different areas to play in, the Barbie DreamHouse has everything your kid could need for hours of uninterrupted play. A glistening pool and an open floor plan make for 360 degree play, including areas for your pets to play in. This is the perfect gift to help your favorite kid build out the Barbie system of play!

Maria Del Russo
Maria Del Russo
Maria Del Russo is the Branded & Affiliate Content Director for Betches. When she isn't at the office, you can usually find her in the kitchen, yelling "That tastes SO freakin' good!" at nobody in particular.