Corinne, Olivia, & Leah Had A 'Bachelor' Villain Reunion

One of the worst (OK, maybe one of the best) things about the Bachelor franchise is that most of the pseudo-celebs from the show keep circling the drain of the cultural zeitgeist.

Like, with most things, you remember the winner, but on The Bachelor, the losers usually shine the brightest. Enter Corinne, Olivia, and Leah. The three blonde-ish Bach villains hung out over the weekend. My first thought: Uh what? Why? My second thought: Of course they did, because try-hards gonna try hard, it’s what they do.


So, since Corinne is hanging out with notorious Bachelor losers, can we just assume she’s not fucking going home with the final rose? I think that’s a pretty safe bet, actually.

Since we only got two pictures and, like, zero explanation of why this army of skanks was hanging out together or what was said, we’re left to speculate. Here are some possible and probable topics of conversation:

  1. How Lauren B. was definitely not good enough for Ben H.
  2. The secret to really great cheese pasta (it’s pre-shredded Kraft cheddar cheese BTW)
  3. How to talk your stylist into giving you the perfect bronde hair color
  4. The importance of planned dancing in American culture
  5. Chokers
  6. Embarassing yourself on national television
  7. Nanny maintenance and grooming
  8. Saying “poop” versus “poopy”
  9. The appropriate amount of cleavage to show on TV (answer: all of it)
  10. Not giving a fuck about the haterz #VilliansGottaVill #YouDontKnowUs