The 'Bachelor' Mansion Is Someone's Actual Home

After finding out that three of this season’s Bachelor contestants have been trying to become celebrities for a while and that *spoiler alert* Rachel, who is still on the show, doesn’t win and becomes the next Bachelorette, it feels like nothing is sacred about our favorite show anymore.

One thing Rachel can count on when she takes a spin at being the first non-white Bachelorette is that the show will always start at the Bachelor mansion. Just like your back burner bro, the Bachelor mansion has been there through it all, but we’ve always taken it for granted. Like, where did it come from? Who owns it? Is it even a real mansion? But why male models?

We all probably assumed the Bachelor mansion was either a two-dimensional set (that’s why they get the contestants so fucked up all the time); some foreclosed estate the reality TV industry keeps re-pimping out amongst various franchises; or Chris Harrison’s consolation home. Well it turns out we were wrong on all accounts.

Get this: The house doesn’t belong to the franchise or producers or ABC or anything! In fact, a real, not reality TV family owns the Bachelor mansion and lives in it when they aren’t filming.

Mind Blown

Two times a year this guy Marshall Haraden, his wife, and their four adult-looking children move out of their home so singles who are eager to rack up Instagram endorsements find love can move in. Haraden says they have to live somewhere else for about 42 days with all their stuff in storage. The crew even paints the rooms depending on if they’re shooting a season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. #GenderEquality

Real talk, how could you sleep at night knowing The Chad had dripped meat juice all over your house? And how gross are your swimming pool and hot tub after 20 betches lube up with tanning oil and sit in it all fucking day while they wait for a date card? Like, thank god they’ve already gone to some tropical paradise before the Fantasy Suite dates, or you’d probably have to burn your whole house down.

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Also, I’m kind of wondering what kind of rent these people charge for the entire Bachelor crew to be there. They live in a beautiful mansion in California, I can’t really believe they’re destitute and need the money.

Haraden also says he gets crazies trying to climb the fence into his house because they think the contestants are still living in the mansion at the time the show is airing. Idiots. Like, how badly does someone have to want to meet Nick for that to happen? I’m pretty sure every human woman who would want to date him is already on the show.