Arie Luyendyk Jr. Reportedly Had A Girlfriend Literally Last Week

We knew things wouldn’t go well the second ABC picked a total rando to be this season’s Bachelor, but honestly things might be worse than we even thought. Like, ABC basically cast DeMario 2.0 as the star of its show, and we all saw how well that went last time. Let’s discuss.

Last week, when Arie was announced as this year’s Bachelor, he said that he had only been in one serious relationship in the last five years and that they broke up 18 months ago. But did they? Not according to Sydney Stempfley, a hot blonde who claims that she was dating Arie until, like, last week.

So do we believe her? Is this just another misunderstanding? Well, she has well-documented Instagram posts of the two of them from August of last year to June of this year, and they definitely look like a couple in the photos. But, in a classic shady bro move, there’s not a single photo of her on his Instagram. This is so typical it hurts, but could it just be because he’s bad at social media? No, not really, because he finds plenty of time to post about his dumb car racing career on Insta.

Arie And Sydney Stempfley

According to a source, Arie may have broken up with Sydney as recently as two days before the big Bachelor announcement, and at this point, even shady bros like Dean and DeMario are shook. Sydney took to Twitter to throw some much needed shade, saying that the show would be perfect for Arie “until it comes to choosing just one.” Ouch.

Arie Shade

So what gives? Did Arie straight-up lie about his relationship with Sydney, who we don’t know but we kind of want to hang out with? Yeah, he probably lied. We have very little faith in Mike Fleiss and his goons anymore, and this seems like the kind of thing they would totally look past. Whatever, we all know we’re still going to watch this shit, no matter how much ABC drags us through the mud.